How-to Block Spam Comments on YouTube and Hide the Trolls For Good

How-to Block Spam Comments on YouTube and Hide the Trolls For Good

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Have you ever been watching a viral video and noticed comments by an army of fedora wearing neckbeards?  Perhaps you’ve seen this spammy comments on your own video from certain users of Reddit? If you have, you know this army of, for lack of a better word, trolls can completely ruin the enjoyment and value you’d normally get out of the comment section. What’s worse is this army of fake commenters will up vote each other’s comments to ensure they appear all over the first page. Luckily, there is an app out there that can remove them from your life. Permanently.

Browser Extension For Banning Reddit Trolls and Spam

While commenters like Berta Lovejoy, Narwhal Bacon and Le Reddit Commander can be entertaining at times, they are more often than not a distraction that prevents meaningful conversation and further exacerbates the problem of trying to get value out of the YouTube comments. This extension takes away their ability to game the system and put their comments on top.

NOTE: This extension will only highlight Reddit spam within your own browser. If you are a brand or creator and these comments actually appear on your published videos, you will need to take action within your own Video Manager to manage them.

The app and how to install it are fairly straightforward.  The app is available for both Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.  Sorry IE users, you’re still left out in the cold for now:

  • Firefox Extension – to install, click the green “Add to Firefox” button, then click “Install”.
  • Opera Extension – to install, click the green “Add to Opera” button, that’s it!
  • Chrome Extension – Installation for Chrome is quite simple.  Just follow the link above to the chrome extension and click the button to add it “Free”.

If that’s as far as you want to take it, here’s a sample of how comments would look without it:

reddit comments pre extension

Comment App Extra Features: Awesome Cat Mode!

reddit comments youtube replaced with catNow, if you want to take this app to the next level, let’s delve into some of the features of it. The first awesome feature on this extension is that you can turn on cat mode and yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds.  All of the users flagged as being part of the Reddit Army will have their thumbnail turned into a cat and their distracting comments turned into meow meow.

And I call them the Reddit Army, but trust me, they are not representative of the awesome community on reddit at all.  People on reddit do cool things like make apps to block these trolls from our lives.  So now, rather than being annoyed by their off the wall comments, you can enjoy a cute kitten.

Reddit Troll Blocking: Banned Profiles Feature

reddit-fedoraThere is also an excellent feature, enabled by default, which adds a button to the comments on YouTube to flag them as fedora wearing neckbeards.  By clicking the HF button, you add these users to a list on your computer that blocks them, along with the rest of the users that have been flagged and added to the master database for the extension.

Even if somebody is just an annoying commenter that you’d like to hide from view forever, you can add them to the “Banned Profiles” list and list as an alternative to blocking their channel.

Fedora Extension Also Bans Specific Words and Phrases

banned words youtube comments redditLastly, the app has an amazing feature that many users don’t know about. You can ban specific words or phrases.  The commenters we’re trying to block here often say wonderful things like “I tip my fedora to you  m’lady”. But if you are equally annoyed by comments about how somebody is the first viewer, or the 301st viewer or any other word or phrase, you can block those comments as well.

This is a great feature to not only remove spam comments, but is a great way to censor the types of words that might appear on a family/shared computer.

Using these features at all and in combo with each other really clean up YouTube comments, especially on viral videos that get posted to Reddit.  Whether you are a creator trying to interact with your fans, a user of the site trying to add to the conversation or both, this is a must-have extension for anyone wanting to block spam comments on YouTube.

Super huge thanks to the creator of this extension. Are you using it? Let us know in the comments below.



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