HowToBasic: How All Informational YouTube Videos Should Be Done [Interview]

HowToBasic: How All Informational YouTube Videos Should Be Done [Interview]

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How To videos are the bedrock of YouTube for both amateurs and professional brands alike. After all, what better medium could there be for demonstrating or teaching a skill to others that could enhance or even transform their lives? There are millions of excellent informational videos out there but it’s nice to find something that’s a bit…different.

The HowToBasic channel is one of my absolute favourites and I am indebted to the man behind the videos (let’s call him Mr. HowToBasic) for showing the world how much fun there is to be had in everyday cooking. We were lucky enough to grab a quick interview with him and he lets us in on a few behind the scenes secrets. Warning; this interview contains lots of references to eggs. The man is obsessed.

New to HowToBasic? Let me start by introducing one of my all time favourite videos of theirs. Like Mr. HowToBasic says in the description, the interweb was crying out for the right instructions for making a milkshake and he delivered some classic video content.

There are actually two channels (HowToBasic and HowToBasic2) which have a combined subscriber base of 1,404,990 and a total of 162,142,158 views (at time of writing). If you are so inclined (and don’t mind a bit of NSFW content), then take some time to go through the comments for each video. There are some funny buggers out there. OK, so let’s get on with the Q&A:

RSEO: We recently mentioned you in this post on YouTube channels we would pay to subscribe to. Would you consider the subscription route?

Mr. How to Basic: Perhaps, it depends if my egg addiction gets out of control, at the moment it’s pretty tame so I think I will continue to produce free content for my lovely Eggscribers.

RSEO: Do you make a decent living from this?

MHTB: It depends what you determine a ‘decent living’ is. If a decent living is owning enough eggs to produce a 231,343 egg omelette then yes, I do!

RSEO: You are a notoriously private individual. What are you prepared to tell us about yourself? We know you live in Australia and are still relatively young.

MHTB: I am a male with hair on top of my head and on top of my egg. Yes, I am relatively young, however this is not the case in egg years. If my calculations are correct, I am 384 in egg years. That’s pretty old!

RSEO: What’s your advice for others in the field? What’s the hardest lesson you’ve had to learn?

MHTB: Keep doing what you’re doing, keep smashing them eggs. The hardest lesson I’ve had to learn? Making wine can be extremely dangerous, ensure you approach with caution!

RSEO: How has being part of the Fullscreen family changed your approach?

MHTB: Being part of the Fullscreen family has changed my approach quite a bit. Before I joined Fullscreen I could only smash 834 eggs per minute, but then I joined Fullscreen and they gave me the courage and support I needed, as well as providing me with various egg smashing classes and courses and I can proudly say I can now smash over one thousand times the original amount per minute. Thanks Fullscreen!

RSEO: How long does each production take to plan, film and edit? And how long to clean up?

MHTB: Planning: 10 Minutes
Filming: 1 – 3 Minutes
Editing: 10 Minutes
Cleaning up: 1 – 3 Hours
Eating: 10 Minutes

RSEO: Do you have regular production support?

MHTB: In order for me to allow someone to help me with my videos they have to go through my vigorous testing procedure which takes the toll on most people. The first test is to see if they can beat my record at breaking eggs; 834,372 eggs smashed in 60 seconds. So far no one has passed the test, so I can proudly say I make the videos entirely by myself.

RSEO: What’s the grossest video you’ve produced. Which one is your absolute favourite?

MHTB: When talking about my videos I do not use the word ‘Gross’ or ‘Grossest’ I use the word delicious instead. One of my most delicious videos I have ever made would probably have to be How To Make a Beef Pie, due to the tenderising stage. My absolute favourite video would have to be ‘How To Correctly Cook Salmon’

RSEO: I know you encourage suggestions for content. I’m rubbish at applying nail varnish so would welcome some tips on that ;-)

MHTB: I’ll see what I can do!

RSEO: Which channels do YOU subscribe to?

MHTB: I tend to watch mostly Australian based YouTubers. One of my absolute favourites is Maxmoefoe. I’ve been lucky enough to team up with him and make some ‘Delicious’ challenge videos, one of which involves Max doing the milk challenge while I throw approximately 250 eggs at him. Best video on the internet to be honest.

RSEO: What’s the deal with the eggs? Seriously.

MHTB: Well, if you are unaware I am part of the Eggism religion. Being an eggist comes with several responsibilities, one of which is that you have to break a minimum of 86,400 eggs per day, That’s one egg every minute. So in order to avoid getting bad luck I must break an egg in every video. Sometimes I like to break more than one if I’m feeling generous and yolky.

We’d like to give a big thanks to Mr HowToBasic for the time and look forward to our nail varnish/egg combination how to video appearing on YouTube very soon :-)


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