How to Add Video to LinkedIn’s New Company Profile Feature

How to Add Video to LinkedIn’s New Company Profile Feature

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LinkedIn has now included space to add video on your company services profile “home page” as well as on each individual product or service page. Read my step-by-step how-to tutorial for how easy this is to do yourself, and some of my own special tricks and tips for maximizing your video performance on your LinkedIn Company Profile. I also give some of my opinion and suggestions to LinkedIn as to how they could do video in a much better way.

In my previous post on LinkedIn Video Optimization, I demonstrated how to add video to your personal LinkedIn profile. Since then, LinkedIn has been rolling out lots of new features, some which are particularly beneficial for Company profiles. Our own ReelSEO LinkedIn Company Profile features “Reel” examples in action of what you can be achieving with video.

ReelSEO's LinkedIn Company Profile Services page with embedded video

Why Feature LinkedIn Video On your Company Profile?

Simply put, video is an ideal B2B vehicle for companies, and LinkedIn is the best B2B online network out there.

  • Video is an important means of reaching fellow LinkedIn members and companies, to reach out and do business with.
  • Video is an ideal way to introduce people to your company – in a single video you can feature a company overview, what you offer, your culture, testimonials, and a call-to-action.
  • Video is even more of an expectation to see on company profiles than individual profiles.
  • Many more opportunities to feature different videos on a company profile than on a personal profile.

Step-by-step: How To Add Video to a Company Profile

Surprisingly enough, it’s actually considerably easier to add a video on your company profile than it is for your individual (personal) profile on LinkedIn. The first thing you will need to do is create your company profile, which is free for everyone. You can start by going to the LinkedIn Learning Center > Company Pages.  Once you have your Company Profile…

Step 1. Go to the “Services” tab on your company page

Step 2. Select the box, “Add a product or service”

Step 3. Go to the box marked, “Step 10: Add a YouTube video about this product or service,” and give a title to your video. (This will be your video header.)

Step 4. Go to the next box marked, “Step 11. Add your YouTube video URL.” Copy and paste the URL from any video on YouTube in the box below.

Tips and Tricks for Video on Your LinkedIn Company Profile

  1. Intro video – Have the first video people see from your services page be a combination of what your company is about, an overview of your services, and a call-to-action.
  2. Call-to-action on page – In the description field to the left, put in a call-to-action telling people to watch the video on your page
  3. Better tracking with an “unlisted” YouTube video – have an “unlisted” version of your video on YouTube, just for your LinkedIn audience. Unlisted means that only people who know the link to the video can view it. An unlisted video will not appear in any of YouTube’s public spaces (such assearch results, your channel, or the Browse page). That way you can track to the performance of that particular video specifically to the audience on LinkedIn.
  4. Special offer – Consider a special offer in your video just for people mentioning they found you on your LinkedIn company profile page.
  5. Feature key individuals/partners with their own “Services” page and video – If you have multiple people offering individual services, consider giving each member their own “Services” page, and an individual video on each of them.
  6. Feature videos of FREE products you offer – have a white paper, report, eBook? A video presentation you gave? Those are all valuable “products” in terms of content, which you can promote your business with by giving away for free. Consider creating a video for each product – free and commercial – and creating LinkedIn “Services” page for each individual product you want to offer to your audience.
  7. Point people to your website video – Within the video itself, let people know where they can find out more about what you have to offer, with link to a special landing page on your own website. (This allows for great funnel tracking with your own website analytics.)
  8. Create an ad campaign with video. LinkedIn lets you can create multiple ad campaigns on your company profile. Any of those ads can that can either bring people to a page on LinkedIn featuring your video; or it can bring them to a video on your own website. You can do this by going to your Services tab, and then selecting the box on the far right, “Promote my products or services.”

Improvements for LinkedIn Company Profile Page Video Feature

Nice new features aside, LinkedIn’s video features for companies have some serious limitations. LinkedIn has taken a step in the right direction with video, but not a big enough one yet for wide scale incorporation by companies on their profile pages, in my opinion.

Here is what I think they need to change and improve on:

  • Home page placement – Allow companies to feature a video on their own home page (I.e., their “Overview” page. Instead businesses are forced to have 3rd videos from it’s partner ad networks be played on this page.
  • Content – Should allow you do it more for just product/services pages.
  • Distribution – Should allow you to get the video from more places than just YouTube.
  • Analytics – Should provide you with stats for how many people clicked to watch your video in the analytics tab.
  • Sponsored Videos – let companies do ad campaigns that feature their own video content directly through LinkedIn, and not have to be a part of some major ad network (like DoubleClick).

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