You Want To Host Your Own Live Online Video Show?

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Who doesn’t have dreams of creating their own video show and pushing it out to the masses, getting it picked up by a major media outlet and having it turn into their 15 minutes of fame? Heck, even I do!

Livestream, the video platform formerly known as Mogulus, began mogulus procasteroffering, what else, live streaming features when they changed their name. It seems they want to be the team to beat in that arena. It just so happens that they very well may be it now.

Earlier this month FOX 5 in New York announced that they are using Livestream’s service as the underlying technology for their new online morning show extension Good Day New York & Good Day Live Online. The show is live 9-10am EDT every morning and is hosted and completely produced by Brett Lawson, Technology and Environmental reporter for FOX 5. If it’s good enough for them, it’s probably good enough for us.

How’s he doing it?

First off he’s using the freely available Procaster tool from Livestream. This allows media providers the ability to quickly create high-quality live streaming content. It let’s the show integrate whatever is being shown on their computer screen with just one click whether it be images, software, video or even, (god bless them!) video games! That means that not only can you host your own show by pointing a webcam directly at your mug but you can also integrate special effects and other media. That’s pretty slick and I certain am going to download and test it while I’m traveling here in the Balkans. I’ll keep you all posted on that.

Brett Lawson is also using Livestream Studio to include graphics and video clips (audio too I would assume). He’s conducting live interviews via Skype which are then captured live via Livestream’s Procaster. By putting it all together in one package Livestream is making it easy for everyone to create high quality video shows that incorporate computer graphics and more. That sounds like a pretty complete package to me.

One Stop Shop

Has Livestream just become the one-stop shop for those who have the time and desire to build a virtual audience through a live-streamed multimedia show online? It sure seems that way now doesn’t it? Their suite of services and software truly look to cover the gamut of what one would need and/or want in order to create a professionally produced live streaming video show.

Does this mean that there might be a weekly ReelSEO video show in the near future? I bet if Mark and I can get the timing down right we could get it done, no matter where in the world I am at the time (that would be Split, Croatia this week).

How to Monetize

I started thinking about how one might monetize this and it’s truly brilliant. The software suite allows you to play audio and video clips at the touch of a button. Insert Ad stage left! You could easily show pre-produced clips for particular brands and products to create a revenue channel for yourself as well as promote the products of your advertisers through placements either on the desktop or in the background while you’re gabbing live via the webcam. Is this the new television?

Hmmmm…it could be! You could pretty much do anything from a simple placement on the desktop to full blown show ‘skinning’ where the entire show gets decked out with a particular brand theme. How’s that for income potential? Time to start earning some ‘chug points’ like those NASCAR racers do.

How to Market?

Marketing the show is going to be the challenge. Livestream reports that over 1,000 companies are currently using their Livestream Pro and over 300,000 have registered and launched live video channels using Livestream. That’s like 6 times the number of channels available on most digital cable platforms.

First and foremost, and I don’t know that I should even state this one as it’s blatantly obvious  production values. There, I said it, now someone can make fun of me like I do of others who state the obvious. But let’s face it. That’s got to be first and foremost when you begin designing or producing your show. If it’s not going to look good, who the hell is going to want to watch it?

Second is of course, content. While some might say content is king and place it first I would beg to differ. How many shows, celebrities, soap operas, etc say absolutely nothing but present it with such panache that they become household names? The correct answer is MOST OF THEM.  But this is new media, it’s online and attention spans are short with numerous other distractions available. So you have got to be (I say this a lot) informative and entertaining. That means that everything is going to need to be well thought out in advance and you’ll need to have some specific idea and perhaps a show outline prior to beginning.

Third of course is my beloved motto of R2 Relations: ‘leveraging the power of the social networks to raise brand awareness.’  That means using them to their fullest so that your friends, family, fans and followers (now dubbed the Fantastic Four by me) know instantly when you’ve got new content coming or when your show will air. Presumably you’ll keep to a regular schedule so that everyone knows when to tune in and you’ll probably not want to do it when everyone’s working. The Procaster software from Livestream even has a built in function that Tweets when your show starts, how cool is that?!

Fourth is distribution. It’s rather easy to get your show packaged up and distributed out to places like iTunes, Podbean and other places but you can also take select clips and upload them to YouTube to hopefully raise some further interest in your shows. In fact, the software records so even if someone misses the show it’s available on demand, instantly.

I’ve downloaded the Procaster application and I’m going to start checking it out and maybe, just maybe, Mark and I will do “Reel Time with ReelSEO” or something soon. Stay tuned!


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