Horizon Media & Adap.tv Join Forces For New Video Advertising Platform

Horizon Media & Adap.tv Join Forces For New Video Advertising Platform

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Adap.tv has partnered up with Horizon Media on a “next generation video ad buying and campaign management system.” They are working together on integrating the Adap.tv for Advertisers with some new services that will give advertisers with diverse inventories spread across numerous sources and formats a better way to buy video ad placements.

Adap.tv for Advertisers streamlines the process of working with multiple inventory sources, formats, devices and other time-consuming complexities. Buyers have simple, powerful access to advanced targeting capabilities, the ability to import existing segments and cookie pools, brand awareness and tracking tools, brand safety features, integrated audience data, global frequency capping, smart optimization and unified reporting – all from a single interface.

Adap.tv Marketplace hosts more than 4,200 publishers and hundreds of brand advertisers. The Adap.tv Marketplace provides Horizon with direct access to premium quality inventory and easy-to-use tools to help clients fully understand how their investments are performing.

Together Horizon Media and Adap.tv plan to explore proprietary research initiatives that deepen visibility into the power of video advertising across their video ad network channels.

Research + Proprietary?

See now this is exactly what I was talking about in regards to research, well, sort of. By building research into the equation they will give their clients a better glimpse into video advertising performance.

However, it’s going to be proprietary, which means closed, which means there will be no sort of collaboration with outside parties or third-party independent verification of anything. So it continues to be less than transparent. I find it odd that they said they hope to deepen visibility as it seems that they might do so only in ways that they want you to see instead of opening it all to be seen clearly. When it is proprietary it means they won’t open up all of their methods and research to external scrutiny, right?

Proprietary and research don’t go together well in many respects as far as I am concerned. When it’s proprietary it means they will always have something that they don’t want others to know, whether for intellectual property reasons or financial reasons. What we really need is a more ‘open source’ type industry-wide research initiative that will include as many online video sites and services as possible and really shed some light on the internal workings of online video and online video advertising.

I am not saying that this partnership won’t create something interesting and useful, it just will have some limitations placed on it that won’t bring transparency with it. Or perhaps I’m wrong.


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