Honda Vine Campaign Triples Twitter Engagement

Honda Vine Campaign Triples Twitter Engagement

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Honda launched their ‘Summer Clearance’ sales promotion last week using Vine and Twitter (alongside TV and paid advertising) to encourage engagement and increase brand awareness. In one of the best uses of the app so far, the company used Vine to reach out to potential Honda car owners who wanted a new vehicle and tweeted that wish via the #WantNewCar hashtag. Honda responded to individual tweeters with a personalised video, encouraging the purchase of a new car in the clearance sale. In essence, Honda started a highly targeted ‘real time’ conversation and the internet played along but just how successful was this one day campaign? Socialbakers provide some feedback, much of which will prove very encouraging for marketers.

First of all, let’s take a look at the Vine video that kicked it all off:

Tweeps reacted quickly and Honda created 36 Vines in answer to their tweets. I love this response to a shout out from the Bejeweled Blitz gamers:

This is another inspired one, because Zombies!!

Honda even recruited internet sensation Rebecca Black, whose Twitter account has over 1 million followers, to respond to one particular tweeter:

So, what effect did the short term campaign have on Honda? According to Socialbakers, their average tweet engagement rate almost tripled and it attracted 1020 new followers. Brandchannel reports that the hashtag #wantnewcar saw 6,895 Twitter mentions from 5,617 users with 14.8 million estimated Twitter impressions. The word “Honda” received an estimated 247 million impressions between July 14 and Tuesday morning. 

Alicia Jones, manager of Honda and Acura social media at American Honda Motor Co., Inc., said of the campaign:

We felt it was a great platform for engagement and it’s fairly easy to use and was a way for us to humanize our big brand and do so in a fun, interesting way consistent with our overall theme, which is funny and quirky, using real tweets.

You can see the rest of Honda created Vine videos if you visit their Twitter profile page:

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