Hollywood Video Marketing Efforts: 21 Jump Street Shows How It’s Done

Hollywood Video Marketing Efforts: 21 Jump Street Shows How It’s Done

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Despite Disney apparently doing everything in its power to try to make John Carter into something it isn’t, it mustered a disappointing $30 million in its opening weekend and fell short to The Lorax in its second week.  However, one thing everyone needs to keep in mind is that movies are more global than ever, and Carter is poised to at least make its money back with worldwide numbers when all is said and done, so don’t focus solely on North American box office.  This week, 21 Jump Street is all alone save for some limited releases.  21 Jump Street is the antithesis of John Carter.

21 Jump Street Does A Great Job Of Reinvention, And Making Something You Want To See

Hey, remember 21 Jump Street?  It starred Johnny Depp and it was an undercover police drama on Fox for 5 seasons from 1987-1991.  So now it becomes an irreverent comedy starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, courtesy of Hill himself and Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World writer Michael Bacall.  These things can backfire, mainly because people either hold the original in too high esteem for a change, or the material doesn’t present itself well for a change.

The first trailer, well, we really didn’t know what we were getting into:

Wisely, Sony Pictures came out with a trailer that really showed us what we were getting into.  It’s a hard-R rated comedy with liberal doses of swearing and naughtiness.  The original trailer looked like your everyday, typical PG-13 adaptation of a TV show that we always get.  This trailer, however, makes it clear, this isn’t your daddy’s 21 Jump Street (so, you’ve been warned):

Now, how do we decipher the views on this movie?  The original trailer has combined views of over a million.  But we’ve learned that the views aren’t super-important, unless the view count skews in an unusual way.  That’s what we’re seeing with the red-band trailer, nearly 5 minutes in length, with a view count combined of over a million, which is rather unusual for a red-band trailer that doesn’t get the same kind of exposure as the original that gets shown in theaters all the time.  Those usually see counts in the low thousands or tens of thousands.

The view count is significant for this trailer because it’s almost exclusively online (although the trailer did get a bump from the Project X crowd, who got to see it on the big screen).  It bodes well for its chances, especially since nothing else is coming out.

Even the clips are doing well, which is another thing that is rare.  This clip is also something kids shouldn’t see and some might be offended:

What this clip shows is that yes, the movie is pretty dirty, but it’s funny.  It doesn’t appear to be dirty just for dirty’s sake.

The clips keep rolling.  Here’s Ice Cube making an appearance, also some bad language:

What’s good about the marketing for this movie is that, even though I was very much aware of the 21 Jump Street TV show, they’ve now made me think of the movie first.  That’s a hell of a trick.

The Take For The Weekend

Obviously, since John Carter never quite soared, and The Lorax is in its third week, this will be all 21 Jump Street.  The original Hangover made $44 million in its opening weekend, and I would look for something around that figure, probably a little less, for this one.

UPDATE: Thanks to commenter, Alec, we’ve added a few more online videos that were used to market 21 Jump Street.

A fake interview with Ice Cube’s character:

Funny or Die chipped in with a fake PSA about fake drugs:

And on Break.com we have this “scared straight” video:

How to Be Cool – Watch More Funny Videos



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