8 Tips for Shooting Better Video During The Holidays

8 Tips for Shooting Better Video During The Holidays

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It’s time for another great video production tutorial video from Israel Hyman of IzzyVideo. Last month, we featured a video about how to get great exposure and white balance using an 18% gray card. Today, I’m pleased to offer you this timely video with Izzy demonstrating some great tips for capturing video of the family during this week’s holidays.  This tutorial offers some good tips that are important to follow when shooting video for any occasion.

Tips for Shooting Better Video during the Holiday Season:

Here are the tips that Izzy covered in the video:

1) If you can, try and have 2 cameras going at the same time.

2) Have as much light available as possible – at a minimum, turn on every light that you have.  If you can, add extra light sources.

“It is very important to have as much light as possible on your subjects if you want to get good color and good, grain-free footage.

3) When you are shooting video of your children or other subjects that are shorter than you are, try to get down on their level asyou want to fill your frame with your main subject.

4) A common mistake is to zoom in, in order to get a close up of your subjects.  Rather than zooming in with the lens, zoom in with your feet. Move yourself and the camera closer towards your subject.

It can be a problem because that’s not the way that the eye moves.  Also, when you zoom in every little movement of your hands, if you are hand-holding, is exaggerated – so it’s really difficult to hold your camera still.

5) Pan the camera slowly. Think of it as if you are moving in slow motion. 

6) In order to capture good audio, use an external mic. I you can, try to avoid using the on-camera microphone.

7) Keep your camera rolling, it is a live event.

8.) Edit the footage down. Only use the most exciting points and edit with a heavy hand.

Thanks for the great tips Izzy.

Stay tuned for more videos from Izzy on ReelSEO each month and please visit IzzyVideo for Izzy’s massive archive of videography tips and tutorials for premium members.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Festivus “for the rest of us.”


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