Hero, Hub, Hygiene: A Cheat Sheet for YouTube Brand Strategy [Infographic]

Hero, Hub, Hygiene: A Cheat Sheet for YouTube Brand Strategy [Infographic]

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YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world and has over one billion unique visitors each month, but it’s underutilized by brands. When I compared the top five brands on YouTube and Facebook, the engagement was 20x greater in favor of YouTube. In order to help brands capitalize on this massive engagement, YouTube has been educating advertisers on a new content strategy framework called “Hero, Hub, Hygiene“. The three pronged approach outlines the types of videos YouTube recommends brands create for their channel to grow organic viewership and subscribers.

YouTube defines the hero, hub, hygiene videos, as:

  • Hero – large scale videos that reach the masses at scale
  • Hygiene  – always-on videos that are optimized to viewer’s intentions and interest
  • Hub – regularly scheduled content geared around customers’ major passions

YouTube Strategy for Brands: Hero, Hub Hygiene Explained

Hygiene and hub videos are the greatest departure from what brands typically create. For the majority of YouTube’s existence brands have focused on viral videos, while individual creators have implemented more of an ‘always on’ approach. The latter has developed thriving communities with engaged fans that generate more earned viewership and engagement. YouTube is focused on communicating this insight to brands, and its one that I typically encourage my own clients to adopt when working within the platform.

To bring the hero, hub, hygiene strategy to life, I’ve outlined a cheat sheet in the form of an infographic below.

Hero, Hub, Hygiene - YouTube Strategy For Brands
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