Happy 6th YouTube, 48 Hours a Minute Uploaded, 3B Views a Day

Happy 6th YouTube, 48 Hours a Minute Uploaded, 3B Views a Day

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May is YouTube anniversary month and so the other day they patted themselves on the back, as they should. Internet phenomenon are generally short-lived and yet they have continued to evolve and adapt and remain relevant for quite a long time. Plus, they’re worth a big old pile of cash to boot! I’m still betting on $2B in revenue this year, though that’s not included in the cool infographic they dropped the other day (keep reading).

Infographics are cool. Lots of info in an interesting package. I wonder when companies, especially YouTube, will go from static infographics to dynamic ones, commonly referred to as video (ha!).

ALRIGHT! I’ll quit stalling and show you the cool infographic. I know you’re all impatient for the weekend to start so here you go. This one shows a boost of some 37% in video uploading to the site over the last six months (35hrs/min uploaded in 2010) and a 100% jump over 2009 with 24hrs of video uploaded each minute.

That’s an amazing amount of video for them to process, transcode and get ready for viewers. I wonder if they’d give me a tour of the server farm one day, I would really like to see that and make a video of it which I would then put on YouTube and get a million hits. What an odd circle of life that is…

That means that in the time it took you to read this article and peruse the super keen graphic on the right, around four days of video was uploaded to YouTube (results vary by readers). If you started now, you wouldn’t be finished with just that content before you had to go back to work on Tuesday.

Crazy, right?


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