How To Make A Great First Impression With Your YouTube Channel – Reel Video Producer Tips #17

How To Make A Great First Impression With Your YouTube Channel – Reel Video Producer Tips #17

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We’ve gone over some of the new design changes to YouTube’s channels, video Manager, homepage and more in past episodes. This week we want to look at the actual content you display on your channel and how to use it to make a positive first impression on new visitors who are checking out your videos.

This week I give you 5 tips for how to present your channel and your video content there to draw in new visitors and hopefully convert them to new subscribers.

QUESTION: How else can we make a good first impression with our channels?

Producer Tip is a weekly show that helps online video producers with tips, tricks, advice, secrets, and suggestions for how to make their videos stand out on the web.

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As you guys have probably noticed the past couple of weeks, YouTube has done a lot to redesign its website, including our channel pages. And today
we’re going to talk about how do we use the new design of our channels to really draw in new people and really make a positive first impression? That’s
what we’ll talk about today on this week’s creator’s tip.

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of creator’s tip where every week, we give those of you guys who are creating online
video content tips, ideas, suggestions and things just to really make your content stand out on the web. Today we want to talk about YouTube’s new
channels, like specifically how do we use them to make a really good positive first impression on people who are visiting our channel?

Last week, we took a look at the back end of our channels, so the new options, the new design layouts and all the new features there and how we can use
them for our channels. This week, let’s take a look at the front end of our channel and look at the actual content, what we’re putting on there for
people to see. All the tips and ideas I’m going to share with you guys today come directly on a post on YouTube’s official blog, the link to it is
below. You can go check it out if you want to read this it in its entirety there.

But first of all, they suggest that, hey, you should probably post your posting schedule somewhere on your channel page. Let people know how frequently
you update, when they can expect new videos, is it Monday, Wednesday, Friday, is it Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday? Or just once a week? Post that there
so people know when to come check your channel, when to come back and look for new content.

Also, one of the things that people have been complaining about the new YouTube channels is that they can only do 200 characters in the new
subscription box. Personally, I think that’s a step in the right direction, we used to be able to like, put almost anything we wanted to but by
limiting it, I think we’re really forcing people to be concise and brief in how they describe the content on their channel. When we used to be able to
put like, thousands of characters in there, I don’t think anyone really took the time to like read through all that.

So by shortening the text up, I think that it’s more likely that people will actually rethink content because hey, it’s only like two or three lines, I
can read that. But now that you know people are more likely to read that text since it’s shorter, you have to make every single word count. Don’t just
randomly type something and throw it in there. Think carefully about what you want to communicate to the people who are new to your channel when they
see your stuff for the very first time, what in 200 characters do you want to communicate to them, and put that in that spot.

Number three, unless you’re a partnered channel, you do not have access to post up custom thumbnails to your videos. But everyone has access to upload
their own custom avatar to their channel. Little icon, little images that represents what their channel is about and identifies them from all the other
channels on YouTube. So make sure you upload one but two, make sure it pops, make sure it stands out, make sure it really is representative of your
content and your channel and represents you well.

Number four, make sure you’re uploading video content regularly and consistently. One of the first things people are going to look for when they come
to your channel is when was the last time they posted a new video? Was it three months ago, four months ago, has it been awhile? You think, this guy’s
probably going a little inactive, less likely to subscribe, to engage. But obviously, hey, two days ago, six days ago, eight days ago, they see that as
regular, they say okay, this might be content that I can keep up with and they’ll be more likely to subscribe.

Number five is make sure you carefully select that featured video that is there on your front page of your channel. A lot of people complaining about
the new design, the channel layout that hey, now I can’t make it automatically just feature the last video that I uploaded. Well I don’t know this for
sure, but I think the reason that YouTube eliminated that option is because it really just wasn’t effective in helping people engage in your content.

The people who are going to be looking at your latest video are the ones who are already subscribed to your channel, not the new people who are coming
to your channel to check it out the first, second or maybe third time. Instead, use a video there that you think really summarizes or even welcomes
people to your channel. Use something there that is a good representation of the kind of stuff they can expect and change it up every once in awhile
just so it doesn’t feel like you’ve left your channel homepage just stagnant.

What further ideas do you guys have to make a really positive first impression on your new visitors and people that come to your channels? One of the
things that I have learned from you guys over and over and over again as we comment and interact on these videos is that you guys really do know what
you’re talking about. You are a sharp bunch of people so I love learning from you, leave me your advice and your suggestions below. Another side note
that I will say is don’t look at our channel right now as a good example of all of this, we are working on that.

We at ReelSEO are having a lot of internal conversations about how we want to set up our channel and how we want to design it and make it look and feel
and set it up so it’s best for you guys. But we haven’t done it yet but we will so check back probably in a couple weeks and you might see something
totally different. Actually, I’ll probably just let you know about it in a future video so you can check it out then.

If you’re not already subscribed to our channel, click that subscribe button right there or the one above this video on YouTube, we’d love to have you
join us every single week for this content and other great stuff that we have coming up for you. Seriously, we have a really long list of stuff we’re
going to be covering with you guys so we’d really love to have you join us for that and I will see you guys again next week for a look at the Reel Web
and then for another creator’s tip video. And I will see you then. Bye.


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