Google/YouTube Drop Support for IE6 – Good Riddance!

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Internet Explorer 6 is finally going to die, I hope. Lots of official bodies are stating that users should move off of the browser and onto either a newer version or a different browser altogether.

Google first announced the Docs, their browser-based productivity service, will drop support for version 6 of Microsoft’s browser in a couple weeks. Now YouTube has joined and stated that as of 13 March they too will no longer support the browser.

So if you love your YouTube and are still using IE6, well my first question is: WHY?! The second question is: Don’t you think it’s time for a change? After 13 March you sort of won’t have much of a choice will you?

Heck, even Microsoft has said they would wish it would just go away, and they gave birth to it! From a web developer standpoint, it’s just a ridiculous pain in the ass that means we have to do all these special things, like specific stylesheets, just so that the site looks good in the browser. Even though the browser is only 20% of web users it’s still a big enough percentage that it’s a problem.

You will still be able to watch videos, you’ll just get an annoying pop-up every couple weeks to remind you that you should really be moving to a newer version or a different browser. I think if they were to make all the cool interactions on the site IE7.0 and above it would help move people off of the old browser faster and maybe all of their new features moving forward will be.

So if you want to get the best out of your YouTube and websurfing experience in general. Upgrade, switch or get with the program! IE6 support will probably start to dramatically decrease from here on out. Now, more than ever you have all sorts of choice including Opera, Safari, Firefox and Google’s own Chrome. Why not demo one today?


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