Google’s New Search Globe Offers Slick Visualizations Of Search Volume By Country

Google’s New Search Globe Offers Slick Visualizations Of Search Volume By Country

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This isn’t technically video-related, but it’s search-related. It’s also exceedingly cool. Today Google has unvieled a new experimental toy called Search Globe. It’s an interactive visualization tool of daily searches by volume from around the world. Most of us know there is life outside our own countries, but seeing the data in this format really hammers home exactly how much search activity happens in other countries and in other languages.

Right off the bat, I’m going to recommend you switch to Chrome before you click through to look at Search Globe, because it only works with WebGL-enabled browsers—a note in the bottom corner of the site says it’s a Chrome experiment.

Search Globe takes searches by volume, and places bar graphs reaching into the sky on a 3D map of the world. The higher the graph line, the more search volume there is eminating from that location. The lines are also separated by color to denote different languages being used.

Here’s a look at the main screen:

You can zoom in, and you can also control the globe, spinning it around to focus on the world area you’re interested in. Here’s a shot of just the U.S.:

If you tilt the axis a bit, you can see the height of the graph lines from the U.S. searches—this view is from the North Pole:

It’s easy to spot the sections of the world that have almost no activity, like this sobering look at Africa:

There are massive sections of Asia that are also pretty dark:

It’s important to note that this is still an experimental tool. There aren’t actual numbers associated with the graph lines, so the actionable data you can glean will be minimal. However, it could get pretty darn interesting moving forward, particularly as major world events take place, to see how the search volume shifts by country.

It’s a nice reminder to content creators like most of us that there is massive potential for growth outside our own borders. And in the not-too-distant future, you’re going to be able to see search volume rapidly increasing from the less developed countries as well.

If you have a few minutes, head on over to Search Globe and play around with it yourself.


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