Google Quietly Shuts Down YouTube Subscription RSS Feed

Google Quietly Shuts Down YouTube Subscription RSS Feed

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RSS feeds are a fantastically organized way to cope with the daily deluge of information coming our way, so why YouTube has chosen to close down access to its subscriber RSS feed is anyone’s guess. Until a few days ago, anyone could add a feed from any YouTube account to their reader (Feedly, NewsBlur) but now that feature page returns a 403 error. You can still subscribe to channels within YouTube, and by doing so you will receive notifications for the latest activity on them, but off-site notifications, via the RSS feed look to be no more.

Tech blog Ars Technica is confirming that the feed was a part of the old YouTube Data API v2, the new version of which doesn’t support a comparable data stream. YouTube Data API v3 may offer an authenticated subscription feed, and workarounds are being discussed here for the technically minded.


Subscribe to Individual YouTube Channels

Of course, you can still subscribe to individual YouTube channels – but you’ll need to sort them on a more manual basis as you’ll have multiple feeds to manage. There are two ways to do this:

#1 By Channel

  • Go to the YouTube channel you wish to subscribe to.
  • Go to the ‘Videos’ tab, right-click on the page, and select the view source option from the context menu.
  • Press F3, type RSS, then copy the URL displayed here to your feed reader.

reelseo rss feed

#2 By URL

You can modify the following URL directly if you know the username of the YouTube channel. For instance, to subscribe to the ReelSEO YouTube channel, the URL should be:

H/T to Ars Technica, gHacks


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