Google Applies “clustering” and Titles To Video Results

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Google is now featuring video listings from its universal search results pages in a 2-column, 2×2 format, similar to its format for featuring 2-columns of links of popular websites….

A recent check of today’s Google Trends shows that the search engine is creating random video cluster listings within some of its universal page listings. Case in point: The most popular keyword group being for recently deceased Carnegie Professor Randy Pausch, author of the inspiring book (and community video series which spawned from it) – The Last Lecture.

6 of the top 10 terms related to Professor Pauch occupy the top keyword searches for today, July 25, 2008. I conducted a test of all 6 searches to see how video listings would be displayed on each queried, universal results page. Here is what I uncovered:

  • #2: randy pausch – Title listing, “Video results for randy pausch” with 4 videos right below, in 2-column format
  • #4: last lecture (the title of his best selling book) – 4 videos all together and at very top of the page, in single-column format
  • #5: really achieving your childhood dreams (the theme of Randy Paunsch’s books and lectures) – 4 videos all together and at the very top of the search listings, in single-column format
  • #8: randy pausch last lecture – 2 videos together at the very top of the page, 2 more videos together, slightly further down – both in single-column format

There were other cases outside of the Top 100 Google Trends keywords where I was able to find more video clustering and sectional title tags in universal results pages. (Guitar Hero is still a heavily popular one.) This new development even available all the way down to hyper-local results as I discovered in the cases of all my own videos I uploaded for local politicians to my own area, both with a municipal mayor and his biggest political opponent.

It appears for now that achieving a titled, 2-column clustered listing (which would seem to make good use of screen real estate and relevancy), does not have a particular rhyme or reason as to what gets selected to be displayed as such. However, there’s no question as to the increased viewer attention that achievin. This should encourage SEOs and other online marketers to see additional benefits for optimizing, testing and sumbmitting not just individual videos, but video groups, to Google’s indexed search properties – YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, Break, etc.


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