Google Adds Speech Recognition To Video Search

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At  the Official Google Blog, Google announced the availability of a new speech recognition tool for video search.  This tool is limited in that it only searches through a set of political videos however it shows a good preview of things to come.  The Google Election Video Search Gadget was released in the form of a gadget that you can embed on your iGoogle homepage. I have embedded the gadget below so that you can see this functionality for yourself.  Here is the new tool:

Just enter a search query above and Google will find videos where the words to search for are mentioned in speech. Google will also add markers to the video’s timeline to indicate to you where the word occurs.

Google like others before it (Blinkx and Everyzing) uses speech recognition technology to automatically transcribe the text of these videos and add them to an index where users can search for videos by finding any videos that contain spoken word that matches their query.  This is most effective for infotainment type content and election videos work well for this.

We know that Google has been working on speech recognition technology for sometime and their Goog-411 service was a product that they released to help better understand speech for such purposes.

“While some of the transcript snippets you see may not be 100% accurate, we hope that you’ll find the product useful for most purposes. Speech recognition is a difficult problem that hasn’t yet been completely solved, but we’re constantly working to refine our algorithms and improve the accuracy and relevance of these transcribed results.”


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