Google+ Profiles Get ‘Reel’ YouTube Channel Integration Friday

Google+ Profiles Get ‘Reel’ YouTube Channel Integration Friday

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We’ve written several times about Google+ and the first thing that I noticed when Google+ launched, was that you could easily connect your Google Plus account to accounts online, like: Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, and even Orkut and Yelp – BUT, not YouTube.  Even though there was already an authentication process available for a long time in YouTube’s API, G+ didn’t make that functionality available. Not only that, but they have your GMail address tied to your YouTube account so….

Then they began to integrate some components of YouTube, like the ability to more easily share your own YouTube videos with a few clicks.  Of course, they only did this from the post area, and not in the video tab….  So again, no ability to add your videos automatically to the videos profile tab  (you can probably tell that annoys me)….

In Gootube’s defense, we knew that at the same time, they were working to outline the best integration process with YouTube and so perhaps it wasn’t an oversight, but rather an issue of planning.

But in all honesty, with all that we already do on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, our Blog, and now Google +, the last thing that we want to do is to upload videos to YouTube, and then again separately through Google+.  I’m guessing they noticed that few people added videos separately to Google + and so now we have what looks like our wish will be granted tomorrow (03/30/2012).

Google + Profile + YouTube Channel Integration: Almost Here

Just a few minutes ago, Tim S. and I were on a Google Hangouts call and went to look at our YouTube channel together.  I was thrilled to see the following:

Which says:

“Beginning on Mar 30, 2012, showing your Google+ profile on your channel will also cause your channel to appear on the Google+ profile”

YIPEE!!! So, What Does This Mean?

Well, clearly it means that you will now have your YouTube channel appear on Google Plus.  As for where, how, etc… I dont know.

It also means that you’d better go into your YouTube channel and connect it or “show” your Google+ profile if you want to have it work in reverse according to the statement above.  Conversely, if you dont want to show your YouTube Channel on your Google+ profile, you may want to disable that on YouTube.

I guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see (unless there are some folks overseas who already see this – assuming it will happen everywhere).  Certainly let us know in the comments if you’re already seeing this.

So, What about Business Pages?  That’s going to be the first thing I look for tomorrow – Can we do that on Google+ Business profile pages because in our case, our YouTube account is tied to my personal GMail address (another gripe I wont get into here).  I also manage our ReelSEO G+ page.  So, hopefully they’ll allow for either or both but given the track record with YouTube and Google Plus integration….  I wouldn’t be surprised if it only shows on personal profiles to start.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Anyone seeing this yet?  Are you excited by this?  Will you spend more time now on Google+?


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