People Still Really Want To Get Into Google Plus – Here Are More Invites

People Still Really Want To Get Into Google Plus – Here Are More Invites

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Google Plus is still a juggernaut in terms of buzz (pardon the Google-product pun). Interest levels are still quite high for the fledgling social network. Earlier this morning, the company announced that every Google Plus user had received 150 invites in their account via a hyperlink. So I posted my invite link for you guys, and you gobbled them all up in about an hour. And I’m reading similar reports from other sources as well. So now we’re opening up Mark’s invites–all 150 of them–so even more of our readers can get in on the Google Plus action.

There’s simply no way to know at this point if Google Plus will be a long-term competitor for Facebook, though the early signs are good. Wired Magazine published a gushing review just today. The service has features Facebook doesn’t have (group video chat in Hangouts, Circles for filtering your updates to the right audience, etc.), but it’s also way behind in users.

But you can expect to see sign-up numbers skyrocket this week with the release of 150 invites for all users. Mine ran out about an hour after publishing the invite link here on ReelSEO. I didn’t have any idea they’d go that fast, because I wasn’t sure the demand was still that high. But clearly it is.

The only way to truly know if Google Plus is for you is to give it a try. Something you can now do with our new invite link below.

Sign into your Google profile (gmail, etc.) and then just click the link to join Google Plus. Here’s the invite link:

And if somehow you all burn through those invites just as quickly as you did the batch this morning, here’s another link good for another 150:

If we run through these just as quick, and there’s no reason to think we won’t, then we’ll try and track down yet another invite link from one of our writers to share with you until we’re completely tapped.

Google Plus is fantastic and fun, but it’s way more fun with more people. So what are you waiting for? Click the link above and sign up today… before the invites are gone!

And if you’re feeling really kind, you could always post your own invite link (once you set up the account) in the comments below so that others who don’t get here in time can still sign up.

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