Google Plus Has One Huge Glaring Oversight: YouTube Integration

Google Plus Has One Huge Glaring Oversight: YouTube Integration

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Google Plus has certainly received plenty of praise from me. Maybe I was getting bored with Facebook. Or maybe Google Plus has some really cool features and attributes that I like a lot. Most likely, it’s a bit of both. But despite everything I love about Google Plus, there’s one glaring oversight to the service that simply boggles my mind: Lack of YouTube integration.

Google Plus Has Everything… Except YouTube

Google owns YouTube. And Google owns Google Plus. And users can participate in both services using the same Google account credentials. So wouldn’t you think it’d be a natural fit to integrate that YouTube account in with that Google Plus account?

Take Picasa, for instance. It’s Google’s photo-sharing service, and it’s pretty seamlessly integrated into Google Plus, so that you can port over photos from Picasa albums to your Plus profile. Nice and easy, right?

Why don’t we get the same thing with YouTube? When I view my public profile and click the Videos tab, here’s what I see:

I don’t have any uploaded videos yet. Except that I do… to YouTube. So why can’t I see those in here? Am I the only one to whom that makes sense? It boggles the mind.

Also, there’s another place where YouTube would seem to be an obvious integration: profile links. Here’s what the links look like on the right side of my profile page:

As of right now, I have only the link to ReelSEO, and if you click that blue Edit Profile button, you get a chance to add new links, and it looks like this:

Let’s choose the “connect an account” drop-down menu, shall we? Let’s see what options it gives us:

For those of you squinting at the screen, here are the pre-set accounts you have the option to connect to your Google Plus profile:

  • Facebook
  • Yahoo
  • Flickr
  • LinkedIn
  • Quora
  • Twitter
  • Yelp
  • Microsoft
  • Plaxo

Surely I don’t need to point out what’s missing, right? Well, I will anyway: there’s no YouTube option?! They have Plaxo but they don’t have YouTube, their own video property? 

And yes, you can create custom profile links, sure. But I’m talking about automated integration, or at least having YouTube listed as one of the presets shown above. You mean to tell me that Google is fine letting me link a competitor’s account like Microsoft or Yahoo (or Facebook), but not their own video site?

I need someone smarter than me to explain why there’s no YouTube integration with Google Plus. I’ve been scratching my head at it for a couple days now, and I can’t come up with anything that makes any sense. I suppose it’s possible a lot of people wouldn’t want their YouTube videos on their Google Plus profile. Okay… fine. Then why can’t we at least have a check box where each user gets to choose?

Now, this is Google we’re talking about here. Land of geniuses, right?. I’m sure they have some reason–surely some Google employee wondered aloud in a brainstorming meeting why they weren’t integrating YouTube–I just can’t figure out what it is. Anyone got any guesses?


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