Google Plus Integrates With YouTube

Google Plus Integrates With YouTube

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This week’s look at the Reel Web highlights several news stories surrounding YouTube’s $100 Million investment into new premium content channels and the perspectives and opinions that go with it. Will the investment into contracting celebrities, athletes and hollywood stars be a good thing for amateur content creators on YouTube, or will it be a bad thing and make discoverability even more difficult? Kevin Nalty and Jim Louderback of Revision3 both give input, advice and suggestions about YouTube’s financial commitment and the new big players joining the online video world.

Google Plus Integrates With YouTube

We also look at another reason why it’s important to include sub-titles and captions for all your videos in other languages and Google Plus’ first integration with YouTube. Although it’s a lame move, at least it’s a step in the right direction for Google Plus and YouTube.

QUESTION: Will YouTube’s $100 Million investment be good or bad for amateurs?







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Last week on The Reel Web, more stats came out that show why it’s important that we use subtitles on our videos. Also, Google Plus takes kind of a lame nod towards YouTube and YouTube itself kind of sticks it to its amateur content creators again.

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another look at the Reel Web where every week we just highlight some of the past news from the online video world. I like to experiment, try new things, keep mixing things up, so this week I’m going to try to cover all the stories in 90 seconds in one take. If you want to learn more about the stories, I’m going to share the links to each of them in the description below this video on YouTube or also on

Last week, Google came out and said that about 60% of the visitors at YouTube are from non-English speaking countries, they don’t speak English so it’s making it even more important that if you really want your video to reach a wide audience, you really need to start using subtitles and captions that are translated into other languages.

Google Plus also last week came out and kind of took a lame nod towards YouTube. You’d think that since both social networking sites are owned by Google, there’d be much tighter integration but unfortunately, there’s not. At least now you can kind of search for videos, YouTube videos you know, on the platform on Google Plus. But hopefully in the future they’ll be better. They’re going in the right direction, at least they’re acknowledging it and making some sort of progress in that direction.

Also last week, Wall Street Journal has been reporting on this a lot that YouTube is dumping about 100 million dollars into some premium channels like celebrities and athletes and actors and television people. Just lots of professional content and it just feels like Kevin Nalty and his blog says I totally agree that it’s just kind of another step away from the user-generated content that has really formed YouTube.

It looks like YouTube is going to pay attention most to the professional, the small niche at the top, professional content. Then the top web-lebrities will come in second then other partners will be third and at the bottom of the totem pole will be consumer generated videos and stuff like that. Jim Louderback, the CEO of has a lot of good things to say to those people in his blog post, I’ll link that below but I hope that these professional people who come in take his advice.

Woo, I hope you guys were able to keep up with that, if not, the links to these stories and more are in the description below this video here on YouTube or on Comment below and let me know what you guys think about YouTube’s move to dump all this money into professional content. Is it going to be good for us because it brings a lot of new people to the site or is it going to be bad because we’re just going to get drowned out now and the potential of being discovered is even harder and harder and harder. Let me know, comment below or click here and leave a video response, that would be awesome too.

I will see you guys on Wednesday for our weekly creator’s tip when we talk about how to create a simple yet effective video marketing strategy for your brand, your company, your organization or even for yourself. But if you’re not already subscribed to our channel and you want that content and other stuff we generate for you guys every single week here at Reel SEO, click that subscribe button above this video on YouTube or you can click right there as well and get notifications of each video we release for you in your subscription box here on YouTube.

And I will see you guys again next week for another look at the Reel Web. Bye.

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