YouTube Invites Google News Partners To Earn Revenue

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youtube-newsGot a news source that is already included in Google News? Want to partner with YouTube as a video news supplier? Then you might just be in luck if you’re one of the 25,000 lucky news agencies that have been invited to do so. If not, well then just read on.

Google’s decided that it wants to apparently be the source to end all sources for online video news. To that end they have decided that 25,000 professional news partners will be able to host videos on YouTube for free as an official YouTube Partner.

Olivia Ma, YouTube’s news manager, said in a blog post:

Google News and YouTube are inviting any professional news outlet that is already included as one of the 25,000-plus sources in Google News to become an official partner on YouTube and more easily share your news videos on both YouTube and Google News.”

The YouTube News Partners will have special placement in featured positions on the YouTube news pages and the ability to earn revenue on the advertising via the Partner program. Since this is online and available almost everywhere YouTube believes that they can help these partners earn enough revenue to survive even though they are struggling to generate revenue in offline channels.

As an added bonus the videos will also be available on Google News which has already begun adding YouTube results to its homepage.

News sites that want to participate must apply to the YouTube Partner Program and include their Website name and an e-mail address with the same domain as your Website.

Once included, news publications will be able to participate in revenue sharing and customize their branded channel. The Google News team will do a separate review and follow-up with those that inquire about including videos within Google News.

The joint offering between Google News and YouTube comes as Google continues to try to expand not only YouTube’s reach, but it’s opportunities for generating ad sales, which have yet to make YouTube a profitable business.

Along with an exposure to Google’s vast user base, the proposed deal will also give the news outlets the option to join YouTube’s advertising revenue sharing program, allowing them to grab a ‘cut’ of sales resulting from clicks on ads displayed alongside their video content!


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