New Grouped Video Search Results In Google Universal Search

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Well, if you haven’t already noticed, it seems that the testing we found out about a few weeks back is the direction that Google has decided to go for the current interface of the Google Universal search results for videos in organic search.  It appears that Google has adjusted the interface for video results that are part of universal search and are now promoting only two videos in the first 10 results if the search query is strongly associated with relevant video results.

It seems that this is only the case when Google identifies multiple videos as being relevant to the search query.  It is still possible to find searches that return only one video within the top 10 results and I have seen pages that look unchanged.  This is probably still a layout that they are testing but with a wider group?  The new interface separates the 2 video results which is more in line with other types of OneBox search results like news, images, maps, books, etc…

google video thumbnails

What Does This Mean For Video SEO and why did Google take this approach?  Read our post from a few weeks back where we discuss this format in more detail – New Google Universal Search Video Thumbnail Tests


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