Godly Video Search Engines – GodTube and JewTube

Godly Video Search Engines – GodTube and JewTube

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Very interesting post today on Forbes.com (here) by Andy Greenberg which talks about several popular religious sites that have taken advantage social and multimedia opportunities.

I thought I would repost some information about the 2 video search sites mentioned:

GodTube and JewTube.. And I am certain that there are more out there. Feel free to add any you know of to the comments below.

Here are very interesting facts about these particular sites.

GodTube.com is an online community delivering user-generated videos on a diverse array of topics, ranging from comedy to powerful personal testimonials, musical performances to sermons. GodTube.com has become one
of the leading online destinations as well as one of the largest providers of Christian programming in the world.

  • Over 3 million unique visitors per month since it began in just August according to its founder, Chris Wyatt. … (Wow, 2 months. Alexa rankings traffic overview shows a different story but we all know that is the case most of the time. Alexa’s still a good comparison tool in my estimation… anyways.. I digress)
  • It was the fastest-growing site on the web during that first month according to comScore Media Metrix.
  • You may have heard about a video of a small girl reciting Psalm 23, which has been viewed more than 3.7 million times.
  • They certainly have a dedicated mission :-)
    • “We apply Web technology to the gospel in a way that appeals to young people,” Wyatt says. “We call it Jesus 2.0.”



  • This certainly doesn’t surprise me but… Google doesn’t like the name and is, or at least was challenging JewTube on trademark infringement… according to a filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which was reported on by WebProNews
  • According to the site’s “about us” page, Jeremy Kossen, the company’s founder, came up with the concept as a result of being “frustrated with the absence of a Jewish-oriented video sharing website.
  • Unlike GodTube above, Jeremy says that JewTube is not meant to be a religious site but is more a cultural site targeted at a Jewish audience.
  • Kossen says that the site has gained an audience of roughly 500K unique visitors per month.



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