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Views on YouTube Glitter Videos Increased 17% in 2018

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Trending content on YouTube includes some of the most exciting videos on the platform, and also some of the most fascinating to follow from a data analysis standpoint. Tracking an innovative idea as it grows in momentum until it becomes a full-on power trend can open a whole box of content ideas from influencers, brands, and publishers. In the past, we’ve highlighted how slime and “Baby Shark” uploads swept across the platform pulling in billions of viewers. Now let’s take a look at glitter videos!

Glitter was big news in December 2018. Not only was it the focus of the fifth-most viewed video of the month on YouTube (generating a staggering 173M views), but it was all over the internet, too. Superstar creator Mark Rober’s Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap made headlines when it was discovered parts of the video were heavily staged. The attention certainly helped Rober’s upload as it attracted 55M views and 1.8M engagements. Some other facts about glitter videos you may not be aware of:

  • Glitter videos have generated a total of 13.8B views on YouTube
  • There were 4.1B views on YouTube for glitter-related content in 2018 compared to 3.5B in 2017 — an increase of 17% YOY.
  • Of those 13.8B total YouTube views, 5.1B are for videos between 10-15 minutes long.
  • Glitter and slime content generated 1.6B YouTube views in 2018.
  • There were 1.1B views for glitter videos on Facebook in 2018.
  • Glitter videos on Facebook generated 2.3x the platform average for engagement.
  • In 2018, there were 2.8B views on Instagram and 20.3M views on Twitter for Glitter content.

Glitter & Online Video: More Than Just Kids’ Content

It isn’t just content around glitter from kid-friendly channels that are drawing in the views (although the top five most-viewed glitter-related uploads on YouTube are from those types of creators). Getting creative with glitter has sparked a craze across all genres and verticals on the platform with more adult-centric micro-trends such as glitter boobs, butts, and booty; glitter eyebrows, lips, and beards; glittering up your home with DIY projects; glitter tongues; floral foam glitter; glitter freckles, and glitterage — or glitter balayage, which are highlights for your hair.

Mixing glitter and food is also a *thing* on social video, so much so that the FDA was forced to issue a PSA warning people not to ingest glitter-made food or drinks if they weren’t totally sure that the substance was in fact 100% edible. Even Google got in on the act with this ad for Google Assistant:

Glitter Videos and Trends Are Exploding on YouTube

While glitter-focused videos have been around YouTube for a few years, they are still exploding (see what we did there?) on the platform. With ASMR content still huge on YouTube, it’s inevitable that some wildly-creative influencers fused a few ideas together to come up with some incredibly innovative content. Take “floral foam” glitter videos for instance. In another super ASMR-friendly trend, creators are taking floral foam — a craft supply used in flower arranging that happens to feel very crunchy and squishy to the touch — and finding ways to work glitter into the mix. They either then slice through it (hence the ASMR link), or immerse it in water so it dissolves into a sparkly sludge.

As odd as this trend sounds, glitter floral foam videos generated 71.1M views on YouTube in 2018, with this upload from Kluna Tik taking the top spot with 25.2M views.

The Glitterati on YouTube: 13.4B Total Views & Rising

Of the 13.8B total views for glitter content on YouTube, uploads from influencer channels account for 13.4B of those views. The top five most-viewed glitter videos on YouTube of all time are:

  1. Play Doh Sparkle – FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review – 591M
  2. Learn Colours With Ooze and Glitter Putty! – Baby Big Mouth – 547M
  3. Learn To Count with PLAY-DOH Numbers Squishy Glitter Foam – Candy Play TV – 226M
  4. Aprende los Colores con Pintura de Glitter – Los Juguetes Son Divertidos – 189M
  5. Glitter Christmas Tree Ornaments coloring and drawing for Kids – Jolly Toy Art – 173M

The top 10 creators on YouTube for glitter content in 2018 were all from the “Kid’s Entertainment” category, and racked up the following view counts:

  1. Jolly Toy Art – 922M
  2. NaoFun Toys – 629M
  3. Los Juguetes Son Divertidos – 193M
  4. Kid Ink Toys – 167M
  5. ToyMoon TV – 166M

Using Tubular’s exclusive Performance Insights tool, we can confirm that for the average length of glitter videos on YouTube uploaded in 2018, the vast majority of views are for content between 10-15 minutes. However, a staggering 1.9B views were generated by content that lasted between 15-20 minutes:

Glitter videos uploaded to YouTube in 2018
(Average video duration for “glitter” content on YouTube in 2018. Data exclusive to Tubular Labs.)

If you like keeping up with the latest trends on YouTube, don’t miss our coverage of slime videos as well as that “Baby Shark” phenomenon!


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