GetHired Gives Job Seekers & Employers Video Resume Capabilities

GetHired Gives Job Seekers & Employers Video Resume Capabilities

Share on has officially launched and gives job candidates a way to show themselves off to potential employers with the power of online video resumes. It’s no big surprise but it is definitely an interesting use of online video.

Online video is all the rage, we even had our own awards ceremony at CES for original web series (IAWTV), so what better way to get yourself out there and marketable as a potential employee than to use the major Internet trend, online video? call themselves the most comprehensive video-based social recruiting platform and job board, and that might not be just hype on their part.

GetHired Video Resume

Let’s face it, you can prepare the finest resume in the world, but in the end, it’s still just static text. Face-to-face interviews have long been the determining factor in many hiring placements. But with the economy not what it once was and airline prices almost as high as the flight paths themselves, companies and candidates needed a new way to get things done. Enter who is aimed at companies looking to hire candidates near and far but without having to pop for hotels and airfare or wade through stacks and stacks of impersonal paper-based resumes. This is especially important for small businesses who are supposed to be the current growth market but don’t have the assets to do nationwide job searches all of the time.

GetHired is free for both employers and for job candidates, so, of course, I fired up an account since it didn’t require a credit card (bravo!). While the interface is terribly reminiscent of the blue/white Facebook look (including a very similar top bar interface), the site is clean and easy to navigate.

On the dashboard, as an employer, you’ve got some basic options for posting a job and searching candidates. For posting a job you can give the candidates a couple options for how they should respond – video, phone, written or multiple choice. I suppose that you might want written resumes for the first round and then as you whittle down your list you might then ask for video replies to certain answers so that you can get a look at your candidates.

Now some people might cry foul and say this is totally biased towards physical appearance. But really, it’s about how well someone can carry themselves in a new media format. How well do they enunciate when they speak, how intelligent do they seem and how professionally they can present themselves. Plus, since you already saw their resume you can tell if they’re smart enough to write a resume, or to hire someone to do it.

The great thing about GetHired, in my mind, is that you can, see and even speak with your candidates through the site’s video conferencing and have a pretty good idea of who you are speaking to before you ever meet them. This could help you get your list down to  just two or three people before you have to invest in any travel or accommodation.

We use video for a wide range of other video purposes so why not extend online video to hiring as well? We have been talking about online video resumes for some time now, more than a year. I think that GetHired has a great implementation of it and I think that could definitely put them ahead of the pack and make them the de facto place to go…that is until someone comes along and decides to build a better hiree-trap…

Here’s a video about GetHired:

Here’s some copy on the features of GetHired: helps employers to:

  • Quickly, securely and at no cost post open positions online – even in conjunction with existing job boards;
  • Ask customized pre-screening questions for specific positions, enabling job seekers to differentiate themselves with video, audio and written responses;
  • More efficiently search for, pre-screen and track top candidates;
  • Initiate and complete the interview process online, in real-time; and
  • Connect with real candidates, not just a stack of resumes. helps job seekers to:

  • Stay organized as they uncover jobs at top companies;
  • Stand out from other job seekers by creating a personal video and audio introduction to accompany their resume, providing a more dynamic perspective on their achievements and work experience;
  • Create a public video profile to use when applying to any online position;
  • Follow their favorite companies so that they are aware of any new or relevant positions available; and
  • Upload their availability for interviews in real-time so that employers may initiate and schedule telephone, virtual or in-person interviews in real-time.


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