“Get Seen” Offers Tips Every Online Video Marketer Can Follow

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A great number of Internet marketing specialists will wade into the waters of literature and publish a book about how to succeed at one of the many marketing methods available online.  A large number of these people choose to fill their publications with common knowledge, fluffy prose, and otherwise-unhelpful information.  Thankfully, some of these individuals actually know what they’re talking about and have some real knowledge to pass along.  Steve Garfield appears to be one of these quality authors.

Garfield, who is the founder of Boston Media Makers—a sort of media and marketing cohort of like-minded individuals that gather monthly to talk about marketing—is an author who knows what he’s talking about.  He is a well known video blogger, contributor to the well-known “Rocketboom” podcast, lectures on new media at Northwestern and Boston University, and has consulted for major brands like NBC, Kodak, and AT&T.

Of course, pedigree alone doesn’t make a book useful or of good quality.  Instead, what makes an online marketing tome good is almost always a combination of good writing and advice that is helpful and insightful.  Garfield’s new book, available on Amazon here, is titled Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business (The New Rules of Social Media), and is rich in both its information and its prose.

Get Seen is filled with applicable nuggets for aspiring video marketers (like us… and like you!), including step-by-step instructions for everything from creating and editing a video to increasing views and exposure once your video is uploaded online.  There are some excellent case-studies—well-chosen ones, too, I might add—that lay the foundation for all the lessons he’s trying to teach with the book.  And there’s even a section on resources like software, websites, and other tools.

Though this would rank as one of the best I’ve seen, there are plenty of other books in print on using online video to market your business. Another book we’ve written about that deserves mention and should be in any video marketer’s arsenal is Greg Jarboe’s YouTube Marketing, An Hour a Day. But it’s still a pretty new sub-genre.  After all, online video itself is only recently finding itself thrust into the spotlight at center stage.  Small businesses, which constitute roughly 80% of my own consulting work, are just now catching the video wave and beginning to dive in with both feet.

A book like Get Seen is perfect for them, and I’ve already begun recommending it to clients.  It was clearly written with both the video novice and the experienced Internet marketer in mind.  Which is not to say that there isn’t great stuff inside for more advanced marketers as well… because there is.  Wherever you fall on the experience spectrum for video marketing, this book can serve as a great reference material as you strive to improve and enhance your campaigns.

I was relieved to find this title so easy to read.  It’s not written academically, nor is the author using it as a way to show off how smart he is.  Garfield isn’t trying to wow you with his vocabulary, and he doesn’t get stuck in the mire of trying to explain abstract concepts.  Sometimes the best writers are the ones that don’t look like they’re trying so hard.  And this book reads like something that was written naturally.

Considering the topic, it wouldn’t really be fitting to review this book without including some kind of video.  Thankfully, the author has provided the world with just such a video:

If you’re looking for some insider tips on turning yourself into a web video expert, Get Seen would be an excellent starting point.  With writing that is friendly and conversational, Garfield lays out all you need to know, from technical know-how to strategy and viral marketing.


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