Gary Vaynerchuk: YouTube Channel Review – Through the ‘Reel’ Wringer

Gary Vaynerchuk: YouTube Channel Review – Through the ‘Reel’ Wringer

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‘Through the Wringer’ is a weekly video marketing review series from our friend and contributor, Matt Ballek. This week, the spotlight falls on Gary Vaynerchuk, social media marketing wizard, entrepreneur, and wine guru. Gary Vaynerchuk’s YouTube channel has around 8.2 million views, but his influence spreads far and wide. He is an absolute master of generating engagement, and of using video in different ways, slicing and dicing content to get maximum views, both on YouTube and beyond. His #AskGaryVee series focuses on answering questions on marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship, and he encourages direct participation from viewers  via the hashtag #AskGaryVee.

Gary does so much right – hence the overall score of 93% – but Matt offers some real actionable takeaways regarding video titles, generating more views via organic search, and ways to attract more viewer comments.

Do you have a brand or creator that you’d like Matt to put through the wringer for next week? Please let us know in the comments below!

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This week we’ll be looking at the YouTube channel of Gary Vaynerchuk, so let’s put Gary V’s channel through the wringer and see what we can find starting with Content.

Gary Vaynerchuck is an entrepreneur, author, public speaker, wine lover and all around hustler. He’s had this YouTube channel since 2007 but has kicked it into high gear in 2014 with the Ask Gary Vee show. The long form version of the show accounts for 43% of his channel’s total views. This shows the power of a consistent, sustainable format mixed with an engaging personality.

Here’s how a typical AskGaryV show goes: Quick teaser with Gary, show intro, question, answer, question, answer, question, answer, close. My only suggestion would be to shorten the show intro since it clocks in at a whopping 25 seconds. You could take that longer intro and turn it into a killer pre-roll ad to attract new viewers then use a truncated version for the actual show. I also can’t leave the content section without mentioning the consistency of the AskGaryV series. The show is a month away from it’s first birthday and they’ve published an average of 10 episodes a month. That’s some hustle right there.

On the metadata side I love what they’re doing with video descriptions. Look at all those links. They even include timestamp links so you can skip around the video. The only thing missing is a brief synopsis and a subscribe link above the fold. The show titles could be tweaked a little bit as well. It would take extra work to not rank for #AskGaryVee, so this section could be moved to the back of the title. It’s also hard to rank on anything specific when you have a Lions, Tigers, and Bears style title. So, just picking one main topic at the top would help attract more viewers from search.

When it comes to promotion Gary Vaynerchuk knows social media. He doesn’t just take his show and throw it up on YouTube. He cuts it up into single questions videos then dices those up for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Baby you’ve got a stew going! He also does a great job of organizing his videos into playlists. For additional exposure and watch time they could organize individual questions into more topical playlists like Gary Vee on Social Media, or Gary Vee on Entrepreneurship , Gary Vee on…Community

The Ask Gary Vee show has so much community involvement baked right in. I mean, the questions come in from twitter and instagram and community members even read the questions. The Ask Gary Vee show has more comments per video than any of his other video categories. But I know that Gary isn’t happy with his YouTube engagement rate. One great way to amp up the number of comments is to fold them back into the show.

The PBS Idea channel does an amazing job incorporating comments as part of their end card and they have a whopping 4% engagement rate on their videos. That’s even higher than Casey Neistat’s already impressive 3.6% With Gary Vee’s popularity outside of YouTube I imagine that many of his viewers aren’t watching his videos on a YouTube watch page, so perhaps adding a “comment on YouTube” annotation that links to the video watch page would help pull more viewers into the comments section.

Gary Vaynerchuk takes a consistent format and publishing schedule and pummels you in the face with great content. What would you ask Gary Vee? Let me know if the comments below. Speaking of we got some great comments fron Eddie G and Adrienne about how Casey Neistat’s content and story telling skills easily make up for some optimization misses.

Christopher Almedia said that Casey Neistat inspired him to start vlogging. I checked it out and it’s really good. Now just apply some of that Vaynerchuk hustle and keep it going. Lastly, if you want a more indepth look at your brands YouTube channel, be sure to check out my new Fast Forward report. Thanks watching, commenting, and supporting the show and I’ll see you next week when we put yet another channel through the wringer.


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