Fun Video Friday: YouTube Comment Fights And Swear Words

Fun Video Friday: YouTube Comment Fights And Swear Words

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It’s been quite the challenge to bring you a selection of videos that don’t include at least some reference to Thanksgiving, but the ones that made it through are very entertaining indeed. James Franco and Seth Rogen took some time out from filming their latest movie, to recreate Kayne West’s “Bound 2” video – and it is genius. You need to see the original to fully appreciate the remake but it’s worth sitting through West’s bloated and ridiculous trailer to get the most out of Rogen’s performance in particular. We also have a farewell to Brian Griffin, a Chatroulette interpretation of “Wrecking Ball” which has gone super viral, and watch two old English actors give a YouTube comment scrap the gravitas it so richly deserves.

James Franco and Seth Rogen won the entire internet this week with their shot for shot recreation of the ludicrously self-important Kayne/Kim “Bound 2″ video.

YouTube comments are a source of endless humour, and following on from their re-enactment of a classic One Direction/Justin Beiber fan stand-off, the two British thesps return with an even funnier read through of a comment fight from the GoPro Kitten Rescue video. NSFW.

With 42+ million views in 3 days, this remake of Miley’s Wrecking Ball through the medium of Chatroulette is hilarious. Fair play to everyone that joined along.

Did you know that the F&!% word and the [email protected]*$ word make up about 0.7% of the average speakers daily vocabulary and that the symbols I just used in place of some letters in those cuss words are called grawlixes? VSauce bring us 10 mins of science regarding swear words in a very SFW way.

Finally, in this week of gaming console overdrive, we get 6 awesome facts from VSauce3 about the original PlayStation, released back in 1995. 1995!! The console, originally conceived as an add-on for the Super Nintendo had 2MB of RAM which was 512 times more than Apollo 11’s Guidance Computer.


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