Fun Video Friday: Summit Edition

Fun Video Friday: Summit Edition

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Welcome from San Francisco, California, where we are about to embark on the ReelSEO Marketing Summit.  The day is finally here!  And while we plan on updating you throughout the day about the goings-on at the Summit, you might as well have a Fun Video Friday to kick off the weekend.  So, everyone, sit back and relax and enjoy some fantastic videos.

Fun Video Friday, July 26

Slo Mo Guys shoot bullets in a pool, and then we see it at 27,000 fps:

Adam Corolla enlists Bryan Cranston to help him raise money (on Fund Anything) for his next movie Road Hard, and Cranston totally kills it:

Fat Awesome, in the appropriately titled, “Nobody in Boston Wants Free Money:”

How German sounds compared to other languages, part 2, courtesy of the Copycat Channel (here’s part 1):

Chinese rush hour at a Beijing Subway: It’s as insane as it sounds:

Whales and divers get a little too close in this video (with some bad language):

Bears are not cuddly, as this video warns in the description, but watching them from a distance on a security cam sure makes it seem that way:

Rhett & Link sing a song that explains “What Women Want:”

Lindsey Stirling performs a cover of Evanescence’s “My Immortal:”

Geek girls express through signs that they’ve got what it takes to be “true” geeks in this video called “Nothing to Prove:”

And while we’re on the subject of female empowerment, how about this Yemeni girl who fled her parents and an arranged marriage and then put this impassioned WTF on YouTube, which has nearly 7 million views:

Mod Carousel decides that it’s time to play a gender-reversal with Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines:”

Barack’s Dubs lets Bill Clinton take the floor in his “rendition” of “Blurred Lines:”

And why not keep up the mashup of out-of-context media coming, as Don Draper Says What has created Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” out of a bunch of movie dialogue:

Improv Everywhere causes another scene in New York City with their “MP3 Experiment Ten:”

This guy gets his dog to deliver an engagement ring to his girlfriend just before a marriage proposal:

Armands Alps gives us “Jauns sakums,” or a “Pregnancy Time Lapse,” showing the pregnancy bump steadily increasing until the final day:

SciShow’s Hank Green tells us “The Terrifying Truth About Bananas:”

Vsauce asks, “Where Do Deleted Files Go?”


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