Fun Video Friday Includes Super Bowl Ads, Flying Cats, and Brain Tricks

Fun Video Friday Includes Super Bowl Ads, Flying Cats, and Brain Tricks

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It’s the first weekend in February already, which means it’s Super Bowl weekend and many brands have already released their Super Bowl commercials for us to watch.  A deluge came in after an initial trickle last week, and what we’re seeing is almost every brand wants to be associated with fun and coveted lifestyles.  But we don’t have just Super Bowl ads to offer here.  This is Fun Video Friday, so we have all sorts of genres here: music videos, animation, and another video from AsapSCIENCE explaining how your brain works.

Super Bowl Ads Just Wanna Have Fun And More

Pepsi NEXT is so amazing, that kids think they’re drunk, and parents will think a party has gone out of control:

YouTube star Nigahiga apparently has the “best Super Bowl commercial ever” for Wonderful Pistachios:

OK, so Super Bowl commercials are great.  So is the simplicity of driving through a whole bunch of tumbleweeds:

I want all of you to remember that if you’re having car trouble, it’s probably because of mysterious flying ghost cats, as dramatized by Trunk Animation’s “The Chase:”

Oh Yeah Wow did the fun video for Clubfeet’s “Everything You Wanted,” one of those all-in-one-take special effects videos with a good song and everything:

Strange things are growing all over New York City in Lena Steinkühler’s “New York Biotopes:”

This is a mesmerizing dance to a dubstep version of Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain,” courtesy of WHZGUD2:

I always like to throw an educational video or two in to these things, and this one is very entertaining.  Throwing all sorts of brain tricks at you and explaining how your brain interprets that information, here’s AsapSCIENCE explaining “This Is How Your Brain Works:”

Have fun at your Super Bowl parties this weekend!


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