Fun Video Friday: Fireworks And Video Games

Fun Video Friday: Fireworks And Video Games

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If you’re a gamer over the age of 30 then we have two lovely nostalgic treats in store for you today as we look back at the history of video game titles from ‘Donkey Kong’ to ‘The Last Of Us’, and uncover some facts about the NES. Jimmy Kimmel went viral again with his annual Halloween candy prank and there were some terribly rude fireworks over Scotland. Welcome to Fun Video Friday.

Jimmy Kimmel’s 3rd annual “let’s destroy our kids by pretending we ate their Halloween candy” feature was a roaring success. Well done Jimmy.

Why does everyone feel the need to live out every aspect of their life on the internet these days? Here’s one happy couple who announced their pregnancy via the medium of rap. On YouTube. I’m very happy for them and all that but really.

We celebrated Bonfire Night in the UK this week. Amid the torrential rain and high winds, the good people of Glasgow put on this excellent display.

We all know the food industry uses various nefarious practices to get the food to our table by any means they can. This week, AsapSCIENCE breaks down the myth that mass produced fresh food has the edge over it’s frozen counterpart and why.

Sarah and Paige were both born without their left arms and were introduced by their mothers through the International Child Amputee Network. They struck up a friendship through email and online chat but never had a chance to meet until Skype brought them together. That hug.

TheFineBros bring us another excellent ‘When Kids React’ with 13 children aged between 5 and 13 giving their opinion on two marriage proposals that went viral. One was of a woman proposing to a woman, and the other a man proposing to a man. The kids give their own, stripped down opinion as their reactions are recorded.

This fantastic little video, a brief history of video game titles, shows how far we’ve come in graphic innovation in just three decades.

Carrying on the gaming theme, VSauce bring us all the (5) facts we wanted to know about the NES but were afraid to ask.

Your Supercuts Of The Week

Lie back and think of England as you watch a supercut of every time someone says that hideous phrase “make love” in a Woody Allen movie.

And Slacktory, who never phone it in, bring us a slice up of the best buddies in cop movies.


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