Fun Video Friday: Cinderella, Zombies And Binturogs

Fun Video Friday: Cinderella, Zombies And Binturogs

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It’s Friday and that can only mean lots of silly, serious, viral and interesting videos for your viewing pleasure. You can tell that Halloween is almost upon us as we are seeing more horror film type video content than usual, we bring you the best of the bunch of course. Bad Lip Reading are also back after 5 months with a fantastic reinterpretation of Game of Thrones. Happy Friday!

This is a horribly depressing yet beautifully acted 5 minute sum up of relationships from improv actors Autumn Stein and Matthew C. Flynn. Released a couple of weeks ago but now going viral. Warning, adult content.

Tinder isn’t the only social app/site/whatever to get the parody treatment this week. Twitter also gets a seeing to from YouTuber Chescaleigh. Don’t tweet it cos it sucks people.

This is a sweet little film from Birdbox Studios about the perils of annoying that neighbouring dog too much.

Yay, Bad Lip Reading have a new video out and it’s all about ‘Game of Thrones’. I’ve never watched GoT myself but I hear it’s quite shouty and everyone is either trying to kill or sleep with each other. Or both. Bad Lip Reading turn the TV characters into the stars of their own little romantic comedy set in Medieval Land Funtime World. JoJo seems kind of an ass.

So, there’s a new Carrie film out today so what better time could there be to make that Cinderella/Carrie trailer mash up? No better time!

Oh, this is an awesome little ad from the makers of the Diehard car battery who promise to save their customers from the oncoming zombie apocalypse  – if they’ve purchased one of their products beforehand of course.

OK, let’s have our last horror related video and let’s make sure it’s a belter. Who hasn’t sat in front of the TV or movie screen and screamed at those stupid people to not open that door, go down those cellar steps, accept a ride from that crazy looking farmer……. hello no, right?

Mental Floss profile 23 unusual animals including the super adorable pikas, dugongs, gerenuks, binturogs and aardwolfs. I have never heard of any of these but fully expect ZeFrank to bring us further information very soon. How bouncy is Emily Graslie btw?

Talking of ZeFrank, here he is pointing out the photos that everyone probably has on their phone. I’ll hold my hands to 6 of them including the accidental phone screenshots and the one of that person no longer in my life. He totally missed the selfie shots though.

Vsauce bring us their take on learning history and explain how the way we are taught the subject in ‘slices’ alters our perception of the past. Legitimately fascinating.

Your Supercut Of The Week

The Museum of Four In The Morning (how great a name is that?) have brought together 50 examples from TV and film of references to that particular time of day. No Faron Young?


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