Fun Video Friday: The Chicken or the Egg, More Dramatic Surprises, Tarsier Facts

Fun Video Friday: The Chicken or the Egg, More Dramatic Surprises, Tarsier Facts

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One of the great things about having 72 hours of video uploaded every minute on YouTube, and likely a staggering amount on all the other sites as well, is that every week there’s something worth watching.  Sure, there’s lots and lots not worth watching, but I’ll take even those small odds of seeing something good.  In this week’s video compilation, TNT has made a sequel to their “A Dramatic Surprise,” which became one of the top 10 videos on YouTube in 2012, ZeFrank gives us “true facts” about the Tarsier, and we have people way smarter than me breaking down the “chicken or the egg” argument.

Fun Friday Videos: Drama, Science, Comedy, We Got You Covered

TNT kickstarted a huge hit last year with “A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square” and they have come to the Netherlands to go even more dramatic and over the top with their official sequel:

I say chicken, you say egg.  AsapSCIENCE has decided to break this down scientifically, so enough talking out of your buns at the bar about this, they have a definitive answer, I think:

If you think the winner of that battle is surprising, then you’ll definitely have your mind blown when Minute Physics takes on the task of figuring out what would win between an immovable object and an unstoppable object:

CGP Grey breaks down the Debt Limit in the only way he can: with good, logical, common sense.  This video will likely entertain you, but also make you realize how crazy a country we can be:

Some good old-fashioned stop-motion animation that is a feast for your eyeballs, courtesy of Kijek/Adamski.  This is called Shugo Tokumaru “Katachi,” and it “was made with 2,000 silhouettes extracted from PVC plates using a computer-controlled cutter.”  But you don’t need to know that, it’s just freaking cool:

As one who spent a lot of time working with 35mm projectors, their endangerment is sad.  But I had no idea that planetarium projectors were also endangered, and there’s a guy who collects them.  This comes from Cool Hunting:

Two extremely awesome YouTubers, Lindsey Stirling and Piano Guys, got together and did the famous theme to “Mission: Impossible,” complete with spy-like moves while playing their instruments.  It’s pretty awesome, and it will shame everything you do today:

The people behind Call of Duty continue to make great trailers for their games.  This time, they stick character actor Peter Stormare in one of their ads, playing a guy who is known as “The Replacer.”  And it’s funny:

Epic Meal Time decided they were going to get epic with fish and chips, and so, they decided to make it really epic by kidnapping UK chef Jamie Oliver and drinking tons of Jack and Jameson:

This video plays out like an optical illusion.  You are definitely not expecting to see what condition this car is in when it gets to the camera.  But it has an endearing punchline:

ZeFrank is back with “True Facts About the Tarsier,” and this is one of those videos that will just make your day:

Have an absolutely wonderful Friday!


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