Fun Video Friday: David Beckham Strips Down, Insane Roller Coasters, and Horror

Fun Video Friday: David Beckham Strips Down, Insane Roller Coasters, and Horror

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Video content just seems to get better and better every week.  I know that’s not necessarily true, but this week there seemed to be so much to choose from.  The compilation below shows what works when it comes to video: we have funny, amazing, shocking, and sexy all rolled into a nice little package here, and that’s just with David Beckham.  He’s a tough act to follow, for sure, but the videos below certainly do a good job of capturing your attention, your imagination, and perhaps, will inspire you to make your own piece of greatness in the future.

Fun Video Friday for February 8, 2013

I promised you David Beckham, you get David Beckham.  While I might have preferred to see an attractive woman in this ad, I don’t ever want to keep anything from the ladies in these video comps, so don’t ever say I didn’t do anything for you.  Directed by Guy Richie, this ad is selling body wear from H & M.  I’d say it does its job.  Pay careful attention, the video has a lot more going on than Beckham’s superior genetics:

Champion eater Kobeyashi doesn’t win the Hot Dog Eating Contest on July 4 anymore, but that doesn’t mean he can’t still put food away, as this video demonstrates (with some bad language):

OK, that was awesome…but can he beat a toddler playing hoops?  Some videos make you feel like you’re being had, and this is one, but it’ll still make you smile:

This baby won’t wake up for any song…except one in particular:

If you want to send your favorite toy somewhere, why not space?

Sometimes, you out-think yourself when it comes to the morning drive to work, as this short animated film from “acmchei” illustrates:

OK, so I said this was “Fun” Video Friday and I meant that.  But be prepared for horror from director Guillermo Arriaga, a filmmaker who wrote screenplays for Alejandro González Iñárritu (Amores Perros, Babel, 21 Grams) and here gives us Broken Night for Nikon (it was shot by master cinematographer Janusz Kaminski):

OK, lighten up.  Barely Political’s “Key of Awesome” parodies One Direction and their song “Kiss You:”

How to be Daniel Radcliffe, from Daniel Radcliffe:

This hilarious fake documentary has a scientist talking about how insane roller coasters can increase IQ.  The special effects in this one serve up the funny.  I think these rides are something very few people would actually ride, but would love to watch others doing so:

Improv Anywhere took their act to Grand Central Station again, lighting up the lobby with their cell phones for the landmark’s 100th birthday:

Red Bull offers more awesome content with the assembly of a race car:

As always, I like to throw great educational content into the mix, and Veratasium asks the question, “Why do venomous animals seem to like hot weather?”  The discoveries in the video…may surprise you:

The great VSauce asks, “Will we ever visit other stars?”:

Have a great weekend, all.


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