Fun Video Friday: May Include Super Bowl Content

Fun Video Friday: May Include Super Bowl Content

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Hello Friday, nice to see you. Oh, you’d like to watch some of the best videos of the week as you wind down to the weekend? Of course, take a seat. What’s that – not quite had your fill of Super Bowl content? We can help you there by looking at an ad campaign that never was, by watching some very funny bad lip reading of an NFL game and by learning how to phone in sick if you really don’t feel like working on Sunday. Elsewhere, we have some LEGO, some Larry David, some trolling and some very bad 80’s hairstyles.

Let’s Get the Super Bowl Videos Over With Already

Just because you haven’t got a squillion dollar budget to run a Super Bowl ad, doesn’t mean that, you know, you can’t run a S**** B*** ad. UK brewing legend, Newcastle Brown Ale, has been running an excellent online campaign around the fact that they don’t actually have the money to make an ad but look at what they could have done if they did. Backed up with a brilliant social media campaign that includes a sponsored post on Reddit and a follow up video from not-quite-beer-ad-hot Anna Kendrick. Outstanding.

Excited about the Super Bowl but your boss has just drafted you in for an extra shift? No problem, just watch this guide to pulling the perfect sickie so you can watch the game without any interruptions. Advice that can be applied to many occasions.

The last Bad Lip reading of an NFL game attracted nearly 50 million views, so that’s a heck of a lot of people who must be thrilled that there’s a new episode. My neighbor just had a cat party. Indeed.

Writing for ReelSEO has made me hyper-aware that there’s a match on Sunday, but as a Brit, ask me to explain to you what American Football is, why Peyton Manning gets talked about all the time or who the Broncos and the Seahawks (I just had to look that up to remind myself who was playing) played to get to the finals and my eyes will glaze over in 0.3 seconds. Here’s another bunch of us tying to get our heads around it. But each team does have exactly 1 million players, right?

OK, OK one more. It’s a corker, I promise. MetLife team up with the Peanuts gang to welcome the world to the MetLife stadium on Sunday.

All Non Super Bowl Related Videos of the Week

The LEGO Movie is out in a week or so and we have been blessed with a new trailer for the film. As we know, the movie features the voice of almost every actor alive in Hollywood today including Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill, Will Arnett and Morgan Freeman. Chris Pratt heads the ensemble cast as “Man of Plastic”, Emmet and the new animated trailer spoofs “Man of Steel” beautifully.

Oh hai 1980’s! Delta Airlines would like to welcome you aboard a flight where neon eye-shadow, crimped hair, and headbands are mandatory. It’s over 5 mins long but if you are over 40 years old it’s a must-see.

Along with all the lovely things the internet gives us, like cats and brownie recipes, it does also like to spoil our enjoyment of lovely things by letting trolls trample over the fluffiness. The PBS channel take a look from both sides.

Your Supercut of the Week: Best Larry David Insults

You could argue that Larry David could be classed as a troll. But my God, he is funny doing it. Massively NSFW, obviously.


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