Fullscreen Offers Network Insights for Video Creators: Interview with Ezra Cooperstein

Fullscreen Offers Network Insights for Video Creators: Interview with Ezra Cooperstein

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Fullscreen has only been around for about two years, but they have snapped up some impressive talent for their Creator Network in a short time.  Boasting such channels as Michael Buckley (WHATTHEBUCK), Lindsey Stirling (lindseystomp), Five Second Films (5secondfilms), Megan Nicole (megannicolesite), Tyler Ward (tylerwardmusic), Thecomputernerd01 (thecomputernerd01), David So (DavidSoComedy), Black Nerd Comedy (blacknerdcomedy), and Tiffany Alvord (TiffanyAlvord), Fullscreen’s network boasts almost 100 million subscribers and over a billion views monthly.

We recently got a chance to chat with their COO, Ezra Cooperstein about the power of having a network behind you, what is important for creators to know when making content, and how brands are using YouTube networks like Fullscreen to reach audiences.

Tips & Opportunities for Channels and Brands – Fullscreen Network

ReelSEO: Can anyone join Fullscreen? Are there any requirements before you take on a client?

Ezra Cooperstein, COO, Fullcreen Inc.

Ezra Cooperstein:

We believe the world has just begun to uncover some of the best talent out there. While there is obvious talent in Los Angeles where Fullscreen is headquartered, YouTube has really created a huge, global stage for content creators to share their art.

Our mission is to help talented creators all over the world succeed on YouTube. We want to empower creators to focus on what they do best — creating awesome content. Whether you’re a comedian in New York, a mommy vlogger in Ohio or a musician in Brazil, if you’re serious about building your audience, we’d love to talk. Our requirements vary depending on which niche network you want to join. But everyone can apply and learn more by visiting http://apply.fullscreen.net/fullscreen.

Here’s one of Fullscreen’s Featured Content Creators, Lindsey Sterling:

RSEO: What kind of benefits do creators and brands get from joining Fullscreen’s network?


Anyone can be a content creator — that’s the beauty of YouTube. But aside from producing great content, not all creators have the time and resources to make their channel stand out and succeed. So Fullscreen has innovated technology tools and offers expert services to serve this need.

One of the exciting ways we support our global family of creators and networks is through Gorilla, our sponsorship marketplace. Creators love it because of the extra revenue earned from constant opportunities to participate in sponsored videos and cross-promotional campaigns. And brands love it because they can authentically direct editorial integrations scaled across a demographically-targeted slice of Fullscreen’s massive creator network. Our national sales team also focuses on locking in unique sponsorship opportunities for our talent.

To give total visibility into our creators’ channel earnings and performance, we’ve built the Fullscreen Dashboard that serves as our creators’ mission control. Our creators have access to a growing suite of audience development tools including our Facebook app, bulk annotation tool and custom link shortener. We also collaborate with major music publishers to exclusively offer Fullscreen musicians over 50,000 hit songs to legally cover and monetize. And we have a massive library of over 350,000 sound effects and music tracks for partners to use.

Lastly, joining Fullscreen’s network is really joining a huge family of massive talent. We are strong believers in collaboration. Along with facilitating cross-promotional opportunities for our creators, we’ve built specific networks for communities of musicians, DJs, tech enthusiasts, gamers, vloggers, moms, comedians, dancers and more to support each other and grow brand awareness.

Another Fullscreen featured creator is Five Second Films, which you’ve probably seen all over the place in recent years:

RSEO: We all know great content is first and foremost in being able to attract an audience. How does a creator build and retain an audience outside of making great content?


Consistency is important. Your audience is more likely to subscribe to your channel if they know they can expect videos on a regular basis. To make sure your views are converting into subscribers, remember to give your audience a “call-to-action” by inviting them to subscribe and like your videos.

It’s key to promote and market your channel. Collaborating with other talented creators is a great way to introduce yourself to new audiences and gain new subscribers. The best way to connect with collaborators is to join a supportive YouTube network of like-minded creators. For example, if you’re a mom, look into our growing MomPulse network, or if you’re a dancer, check out World of Dance. We also have Arcade for gamers, Tiny Galaxy for mobile tech enthusiasts, Electronic Division for DJs and more. The look-and-feel of your channel will also make an impact to viewers looking to subscribe to high-quality channels. Putting extra effort into designing attractive thumbnails and channel skins, and creating smart titles and metadata will go a long way in pulling in an audience excited about your content.

Last but not least, engage your fans. Building your audience on the Internet gives you the opportunity to connect with your fans on a deeper level via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels. Take advantage of it and have fun with it.

RSEO: When using a service like Fullscreen, does a creator need to do much more than just make videos?


When creators join our network, Fullscreen equips them with audience development tools and services, unique sponsorship opportunities to gain revenue and fund quality production, cross-promotional opportunities within niche networks, and 24/7 support from our team of YouTube experts. The creators manage the production and operations of their channels.

That said, Fullscreen also has a separate Channel Plus service for brands to receive end-to-end channel management and optimization services. Along with strategic consultation and analytics reporting, the Channel Plus service includes video uploading, metadata optimization and video SEO, interactive brand channel gadgets, channel design and thumbnail production, playlist and annotation management, and more.

RSEO: Brands are making great content these days. How do brands ensure that their content is seen? Is there an emphasis on content instead of traditional “selling” type of ad?


It’s really exciting to see brands beginning to understand the power of engaging an audience on YouTube. To make an impact on this huge platform, it’s vital for marketing dollars to go directly to campaigns hitting hyper-targeted AND highly engaged audiences. That means beyond only buying targeted pre-roll ads and creating smart original content, brands must think deeper about how to authentically communicate their message to extremely passionate and loyal audiences already existing on the platform.

At Fullscreen, we’ve been taking that step further with brands by building communities of strong YouTube influencers around major branded networks. For example, Fullscreen teamed up with Nine West to create the Channel Nine Network, the premiere destination for shoe lovers to get entertainment and advice on shoe trends and culture. In addition to housing Nine West’s original programming, the network also brings together a family of huge YouTube fashion influencers. These extremely beloved “fashion gurus” specifically create content for Channel Nine and bring their existing audiences to subscribe to the network for more quality Channel Nine content.

One of the many shows Nine West puts out on their network, called “Dressed to the Nines:”

We’d like to thank Ezra for his time!  We’d also like to thank Jen Lum at Fullscreen for her help with this article.


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