YouTube MCN Fullscreen Beefs Up Content Creator Platform

YouTube MCN Fullscreen Beefs Up Content Creator Platform

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Fullscreen, one of the largest YouTube MCNs with over 15,000 channels and 220 million subscribers, is beefing up its creator platform offering with their new ‘Sign In with Fullscreen’ service which gives YouTube channel partners access to a slew of apps and benefits. The Fullscreen Creator Platform launched back in July or so, according to their blog, and now it seems they are expanding that offering with a single login that gets creators access to a plethora of tools.

What tools, you ask? Why these tools right here!

  • Spreadshirt: An e-commerce platform that enables creators to design and sell custom merchandise for their fans.
  • Videopixie: A marketplace where creators can hire leading editors, animators, and other video professionals to boost their production quality.
  • TubeStart: A crowdfunding platform designed specifically for video creators, connecting them directly with fans to bring creative ideas to life.
  • Captions for YouTube: A quick and easy way for creators to add closed captions to their videos for improved searchability and reach.
  • Jingle Punks: A searchable library of more than 180,000 licensed audio tracks that creators can use in their videos without attribution.
  • AudioMicro: An archive of more than 350,000 high quality, royalty-free music tracks and sound effects from award-winning artists.
  • Stageit: A live-streaming venue where creators can perform interactive and monetized shows for their fans.

Since day one, our mission has been to empower the next generation of video creators on a global scale,” said George Strompolos, CEO and founder of Fullscreen. “With the launch of Sign In with Fullscreen, we we can seamlessly integrate into the Fullscreen Creator Platform a wide range of third-party partners who compliment our mission. We’re very excited about all the possibilities this opens up for our creators.

On top of those tools they hope to offer special VIP benefits, like discounts, free credits and premium services. Deals that can only be had through the Fullscreen Creator Platform and Sign In with Fullscreen.

Fullscreen offers this new service in hopes that everyone makes gobs of money by helping creators make better videos and app developers make new partnerships. They are also open to continuing to expand the partners and services attached to the Sign In program. It would seem that this particular MCN (multi-channel network), is looking to help all of its creators make better videos and make more money, because there doesn’t seem to be any restriction as to which of Fullscreen’s creator partners will have access to these deals.



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