Fullscreen Creates Million Dollar Fund for Creators

Fullscreen Creates Million Dollar Fund for Creators

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We recently talked to Fullscreen about their Creator Network, which gives creators opportunities to focus on content while getting tools and support for building an audience.  Today, Fullscreen has announced that their creators will have the chance to win a piece of a Million Dollar Creator Fund, in which $10,000 worth of advertising and promotion will be committed to four lucky channels in their network each month.  Beginning on December 1 and announced on the first of each month, winning channels will get $10,000 towards pre-roll ads within the network and their own cross-promotion and marketing campaign through Fullscreen’s “Gorilla” sponsorship marketplace.

Fullscreen’s Million Dollar Creator Fund

Here’s how the four channels will receive these endowments:

  • Newcomer Award: The most promising new channel that joined the Fullscreen network.
  • Growth Award: The channel with the most viewed video that month.
  • Gorilla Award: The channel with the most creative and well-produced video submitted to a recent Gorilla campaign (or, the best cross-promotion of another channel).
  • Network Submission Award: The channel with the most entertaining video submitted to the main channel of a Fullscreen niche network (e.g. TinyGalaxy, MomPulse, World of Dance, Arcade, etc.)

What this will do, or at least I predict it will do, is give Fullscreen channel creators a great deal of incentive to come out with the best content that they can, which means even the ones who are not picked for the various awards will still have great content on their channels and benefit tremendously from upping their game.  Meanwhile, winners will be given an awesome advantage to get noticed on a higher level and generate tremendous opportunities for monetization and sponsorship.

Technically, once a creator has won an award, he/she is not exempt from winning one again, but Fullscreen will likely try to spread the wealth around, awarding a breadth of creators.

What Fullscreen wants creators to have with a Gorilla campaign is the opportunity to have its creators actively talk about your channel with the chance of cross-promotion.  Gorilla started out as a paid service for brands, but some creators have taken advantage as well.  This is where creators talk about other creators in the network, link to their videos, and help build audiences.  Now, if creators win one of the four awards, they can win a Gorilla campaign and get all that cross-promotion for free.

Cross-promotion is a great way to build an audience.  When your channel has a certain amount of viewers, and you can find another like-minded channel with roughly the same amount of viewers, you can attempt to double your audience through cross-promotions.  Fullscreen has a “Gorilla Hall of Fame” playlist so you can see it in action.  Here’s one of their creators, BlackNerdComedy, doing a Gorilla cross-promotion for KTOWN:

I’d say the incentives are pretty good for Fullscreen’s channels to compete like mad to win these awards month after month.  Good luck to all who are a part!


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