Turn Your Customers’ Frequently Asked Questions Into Video Concepts

Turn Your Customers’ Frequently Asked Questions Into Video Concepts

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There’s a reason most businesses put an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page on their website: because it’s useful information. Customers, by their very nature, have questions. They’re unsure of themselves, and most want to double or triple check some things before spending their hard earned money. So when you’re crafting an online video marketing strategy for your business, consider taking the same approach and creating videos that answer the questions your audience is most likely to have.

IKEA Now Creating Assembly Instructions Videos

IKEA has enjoyed a certainly level of global popularity for some time now. And for almost as long, they’ve been the butt of jokes about how difficult their furniture-assembly instructions can be for some folks to navigate (I haven’t personally owned any IKEA furniture in my life, but I’ve had plenty of friends who’ve bemoaned the difficulties of assembling a piece).

Now, through the efforts of a new video series from IKEA, there will be a video solution for any customers in need of assembly assistance. Here’s the first video from the series:

This is one of those moves that’s such a natural fit that you almost have to wonder why IKEA waited so long to make assembly instruction videos. Did they think people wouldn’t be interested in non-print-based instructions? Were they not quite sold on the power of online video?

Actually that last one could be it. Their YouTube channel–at least for IKEA USA–is only six months old, possible sign that they’ve only recently caught the online video wave. What’s been on that channel up until now? Several typical branded/ad videos, and a strange web series called Easy To Assemble that is written by and stars actress Illeana Douglas.

Here’s the first episode of Easy To Assemble, to give you an idea of IKEA’s earlier online video efforts:

Of course, the fact that they partnered with a respected and established Hollywood actress on a series of original web videos actually suggests to me that they’re pretty savvy… so it’s hard to say why it took so long for a series on furniture assembly to appear.

I’m just glad it finally has. Consumers all over the world will now have access to simple, high-quality assembly instructions they can actually look at and imitate–and those instructions will be available by laptop, tablet, mobile device, etc.

What Can You Learn From IKEA’s Example?

Easy: act faster than IKEA did. If you’ve been in business for any reasonable amount of time at all, then you certainly know what your customers’ number one question or complaint is. If you do… I’d encourage you to start working on a video that addresses that question or complaint directly and in as entertaining a way as possible.

Think about the solutions that you provide your customers now that help support your core product or service: customer service, technical support, instructions, accessories, etc. Now think about how you can use video to provide that same solutions and support.

Follow IKEA’s lead here; instead of brainstorming to create something entirely new for your video marketing concept, let your current customers’ greatest questions and needs provide you with the right direction.


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