Fortnite Fails Are an Addicting Video Trend (And Brands Should Care About That)

Fortnite Fails Are an Addicting Video Trend (And Brands Should Care About That)

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You’ve heard of Fortnite, right? Of course you have — it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t! The video game is one of the most popular titles in the world right now, if not the most popular. Back in February, for instance, the Epic Games title beat out Minecraft as the most-viewed game on YouTube that month. That’s because it received a whopping total of 2.4 billion views, and that’s not even counting the views from March until now.

It’s no surprise, then, that Tubular’s Q2 State of Online Video report found one of the biggest trends earlier this year was based on Fortnite. While viewers around the world have routinely tuned into pre-recorded videos and live streams of the game, they’re also throwing millions of views at non-gameplay content, as well — specifically, Fortnite fails and funny moments. Here are some Tubular-exclusive insights into this trend and what it means for brands interested in using this trend for their own video marketing strategies.

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Fortnite Hilarity Attracts Millions of Views on YouTube

In Q1 2018, videos centered around the topic of Fortnite fails and funny moments received a massive 726 million views on YouTube alone. Consider that back in October 2017, this same genre of videos received just 7 million views, which steadily increased over the course of the next several months. For example, from March to April 2018, views on Fortnite fails and funny moments content increased by 26%! Even now, when you search Tubular’s software for simply Fortnite videos, the 2nd most-watched clip of the last 90 days across all platforms is a video of the top 250 funniest in-game fails with 35 million views.

So what makes this type of content so interesting to viewers? Our theory is that while Fortnite gameplay and walkthrough videos tend to appeal to a very specific crowd (i.e. gamers who want to watch their favorite creators or who are interested in improving their own skills), funny moments and fails are more universally appealing outside of just the gaming category. Our report discovered videos laden with Fortnite mistakes and goofs crossed over into genres such as entertainment and people & blogs.

For example, the YouTube channel Funk Bros in the people & blogs category uploaded a video in February about Fortnite funny moments in real life. The creators behind this channel filmed a vlog about playing the game and then going out to purchase Nerf guns and fake armor so they could conduct their own real-life version of the battle royale title. This clip pulled in an incredibly high 30-day engagement rate (ER30) of 3.4x, a solid 2.4x higher than the baseline average; clearly, funny moments and fails in Fortnite strike a chord with viewers.

How Brands Can Incorporate Fortnite Moments into Their Content

If you’ve read this far, you’re likely curious how your brand can use Fortnite funny moments and fails in your own content. Clearly, it’s easier to do if you’re a gaming-related company, but what if you’re not? How can this trend, which doesn’t seem to be slowing down even in this current quarter, work for those digital-first brands and TV networks who don’t normally highlight gaming content?

The obvious answer is sponsorship. We’re big into those partnerships here at Tubular, as evidenced by our DealMaker product which helps brands determine the current lay of the sponsorship landscape. Many kinds of sponsored videos perform well, like the one where Epic Games sponsored beauty creator James Charles to learn how to play the game; this clip pulled in 2.4 million views. This example should convince you to get creative with your sponsorship. For example, let’s say you’re a comedy TV network; it stands to reason people watching Fortnite fails and funny moments are interested in having a few good laughs, so by sponsoring a gamer’s compilation of their own mistakes, you’re likely to get more brand awareness and interest in your network.

Additionally, consider creating original content of your own related to Fortnite fails. Host a gaming night with your employees in order to collect a compilation of their mess-ups for publishing; alternatively, you can enlist a celebrity or well-known influencer to do the same under your brand name (similar to a sponsorship but you’re the one producing and releasing the video content instead of the influencer). You could also use Fortnite fails and funny moments as inspiration for your own content, much like how the Funk Bros reproduced a Nerf battle in real life to mimic in-game fights. And what about commenting on the spoofs and fails? Could you highlight your favorite ones for the week? The possibilities for some original content related to Fortnite fails are more numerous than you might think.

Trends can sometimes come and go on YouTube, but the popularity of Fortnite doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, as evidenced by the growth of views on the game’s fails and funny moments. As such, make sure you take advantage of this trend while you can!

Download the New Q2 2018 State of Online Video Report Today! Get All the Latest Video Insights and Trends


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