U.S. Viewers Watch More UK Food Videos on YouTube Than the British! [Infographic]

U.S. Viewers Watch More UK Food Videos on YouTube Than the British! [Infographic]

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A veritable cornucopia of food content is being consumed on YouTube. All time, food videos have generated nearly 41 billion views overall (that’s billion with a “B”). And food-related views have increased 170% year-over-year. In fact, the average daily views in the past 30 days exceeded 85 million views. (Do you think Thanksgiving had anything to do with this surge?)

A brand new infographic and report from Google, and Tubular Labs, focuses in on UK YouTube food creators, and the kind of views and engagement they are generating. One surprisingly fact from the new research is that Americans watch more British food-related content on YouTube, than the British do themselves!

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UK Food Videos: It’s Not All Just Bangers and Mash

Great Britain has always been a target for bad food jokes, but the home of Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal, Rick Stein, and Marco Pierre White, has a wealth of food content creators who are absolutely killing it on YouTube. In the UK alone, food-related video content is growing at a rate of 58% per year, with cake baking grabbing 20% of the total views in that vertical in the last year.

Food Britannia - UK Food Content on YouTube

With 51,000 videos, YouTube leads in the number of videos uploaded in the last year, compared to 34,000 on Facebook. About 14,000 creators uploaded the videos to YouTube, and of the 23 billion views generated for food content across the major video platforms, Google’s video site accounted for 10.6 billion of them. Facebook generated another 9.3 billion. And although each video platform defines a “view” very differently, together, YouTube and Facebook accounted for nearly 87% of all food-related views.

If you breakdown food videos by category, food and cooking represents 30% of the views; baking, cakes, and cupcakes represents 20%; and recipe tutorials represent 11%.

Top 5 UK Food Content YouTube Creators 2015

Google and Tubular took a look at the most popular food content creators in the UK for 2015, based on cumulative views from January 1st to November 21st 2015.

  1. Jamie Oliver
  2. Sorted Food
  3. Cupcake Jemma
  4. Settime2588
  5. My Virgin Kitchen

Top 5 UK Food Content Brands on YouTube 2015

The research also confirmed the top brands creating the most watched food videos on the site for 2015. Again, based on cumulative views from January 1st to November 21st 2015.

  1. Tesco Food and Wine
  2. M&S
  3. Mums Eye view (Asda)
  4. Waitrose
  5. Homemade (Sainsbury’s)

For more insights on food-related videos on YouTube, both UK and global, download the free report by clicking on the button below.

Download Report: Food Content on YouTube


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