Flickr Video Could Be Good for Video SEO

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After years of photo sharing success, Flickr has finally decided to announce the debut of video sharing. According to various sources out there, this is to take place some time in April of this year. Could be as early as a few weeks and could be at the end of April.

What we dont know about Flickr video yet, is how it will compete, if it competes with other video sharing website like Youtube. And what about Yahoo Video? Flickr Video will not replace Yahoo Video, unlike Yahoo Photos, which was folded into Flickr shortly after launch. The audience for Flickr is apparently quite different. Kakul Srivastava, director of product management at Flickr, told that she used the term “authenticity” to convey the esprit de corps of the Flickr photo community, which numbers more than 23 million contributors.

My bet is that Flickr video will offer something unique for users that is currently not a focus at the other video sharing sites. When you compare Flickr and Picassa, which is Google’s photo sharing website, there is really no competition.

On the positive side, if Vlickr video is to be anything like Flickr photo sharing then it could be a good opportunity to gain some optimization for your videos in search. With Flickr for photos, webmasters can upload photos and hot link them to their websites and blogs. Because Flickr passes on link juice, Flickr uploads lead to good inbound links. Currently with Flickr, you can place URLs in your profile and photo comments to get more backlinks from this huge site. The hope is that they will extend these features to video sharing and with that, we should all be able to have a great site for creating inbound links to our sites. Furthermore, one annoying thing about Youtube is that is is difficult to get users to convert from Youtube to your individual website. You can currently place URLs in the description field and of course, you can always watermark the video, but having the ability to add your URL to the comments as well as the profile is an added plus for Video SEO. We will have to wait and see.

If anyone knows anything else about Flickr Video that we dont, please let us know so that we can share with readers of ReelSEO.


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