Lists 6 Reasons Why Adobe’s Flash Will NOT Die

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Howard Wen from ComputerWorld (US) writing at gave a lengthy list of reasons why you can end your Flash Deathwatch pool. If you remember, a while back, Youtube also gave a list of reasons as well. It’s good to see people getting over the fervor and seeing the reality of the situation.

As I wrote, HTML5 won’t kill Flash anytime soon and it seems that others are starting to support that statement with their own lists of reasons why I’m right, I mean why flash won’t die (though, I am right you know…right?).

Now, as a writer, who values his work and his reputation, I’m not going to just steal Mr. Wen’s list. but I’ll summarize, pontificate but I recommend that you can read the rest of his detailed post.

Flash Shows Up On Other Mobile Device Platforms

His list of reasons starts with the simple fact that Flash is beginning to show up on other mobile devices, sans Apple devices of course. I did recently link an article on the ReelSEO Facebook page that talked about a Google Android patch that allows for full Flash compatibility so there’s your proof. Others are also pledging support for their mobile platforms.

There Is A Lot More To Flash Than Just Video

Second, Flash is NOT just a video player. Hell yeah! Sure, we talk about video here at ReelSEO, but in my other endeavors out in the real world I also talk about video games and, in fact, Flash is a major contender for the platform on a game I am working on with Cephalopod Games.

Flash Content Protection/DRM Appeals To Producers

Another major point in his list is DRM. Love it, hate it, avoid it at all costs, DRM is going to be around for some time and the content providers, the really big ones, want it. Other technologies, just don’t have it. As the Immortal Stan Lee likes to say, ’nuff said.

Adobe Provides Strong Authoring Tools For Designers & Developers

Flash is bundled with other design and development tools in Adobe’s popular Creative Suite packages.  Flash and other Adobe products have made it simple for designers to add engaging and interactive functionality with limited programming know-how.  Even with HTML5, designers may require applications and tools to author HTML5 pages and Adobe’s software along with their support and community may play an integral part in helping designers and developers move forward with HTML5

Flash is Entrenched In The Online Ad Community

His final two points also play right into the ReelSEO wheelhouse, online advertisers love Flash and HTML5 has video codec issues to get sorted. Hurray for Howard Wen! Now go read his much longer article that should have been titled “Christophor Rick was Right about Flash…” Well, that’s a bit egotistical I suppose, he could have just given us a nod in the article for having done a lot of the legwork (at least 2 of his reasons were in my article as well).


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