You asked it, we researched it, here’s the answer folks! The ReelSEO virtual mailbag has been hit with the following question for some time, “when trying to watch YouTube or Vimeo videos, I only get a green screen in the video player and audio but no picture. How can I fix it?” Some attempts included updating Adobe Flash, updating Windows and restarting, all to no avail. Well Reel Readers, the answer lies within.

While green screen isn’t a dirty term in video production circles, it might be to video viewers who get a green screen when trying to view some content on major video portals like Vimeo and YouTube. You might hear something like “rassafrackin’ brigabrackin’ green screen!!” but with much more vulgarity and perhaps a colorful euphemism or three…,

Here’s the Quick Way to Fix the Green Screen of Video Death

First off, finish up that vulgarity-riddled tirade and take a deep breath. It’s really not all that difficult to fix, but if you have never found the proper solution you may just be frustrated beyond belief. Next, right click on the green screen in the video player and choose Settings.

This will bring up the diminutive Adobe Flash settings, which does not amuse Jean-Claude one bit apparently.

jean claude is not amused

Who would be given that this is all taking time away from getting to the actual video content you want to see. Continuing on, with that settings window visible, click the first icon in the lower set of tabs, looks like a monitor with a play button showing.

When you do that there will be only one option and all you need to do is uncheck “enable hardware acceleration.” Then just click close, refresh the page and bingo bango bongo, problem solved.

adobe flash player settings

No going back to factory settings or any other settings, it’s just a couple simple clicks and boom, video playback is achieved. Pat self on back and get back to those funny cat videos.

What if it Happens AGAIN!?

Argh! I did this and then later it started again, what the hell man?!

When you update your Adobe Flash it is possible that the setting gets changed back to enabled. Just go back through and check the setting again and you will be ready to roll. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.