The Five Hottest Trends in Social Video Right Now

The Five Hottest Trends in Social Video Right Now

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Tubular’s Q3 2018 State of Online Video (SOOV) report measured thousands of videos from the last few months and discovered plenty of interesting trends in social video. However, five in particular caught our eye, with three being specific topics and two being more strategy-based. These five trends not only brought in billions of views but also managed to cross into other genres, impact popular culture, and reflect the current tastes of viewers around the world. Let’s check out these hottest trends in social video so you can start to work them into your digital video strategy for the rest of this year!

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If you’re tired of hearing about the popularity of this game, you’ll just have to get used to it. Since early 2018, the Epic Games title has been one of the hottest topics in not just the gaming industry, but also in the social video industry. This is because Fortnite videos have managed to expand beyond the traditional marketing tactics of the gaming industry — that is, videos featuring the game aren’t restricted to trailers, teasers, and announcements for in-game updates. Instead, we saw different crazes surrounding the game come and go over the last few months. First, it was simply gameplay and streaming content which attracted all the eyeballs, and then it was fails and funny moments; more recently, it’s been the Fortnite Dance Challenge. Essentially, the longer this title is able to appeal to the general public through original and user-based content, the more it will stay an important trend you have to incorporate into your digital video strategy!


Gaming and music have always been the top two most-watched content genres on YouTube, which means we can’t overlook the massive impact K-pop music has had on that platform in particular (much less its impact on popular culture around the world). Video content strategists don’t need to look any further than the whopping 4.3 billion views K-pop videos generated in Q2 of this year alone to understand why they need to work this genre into their content plan. While 2017 may have been the year for Latino music, we’re betting K-pop will be 2018’s top music trend in social video.


Videos including any sort of athletics or sports have usually performed well in the past on social video. But recently, they’ve been gaining lots of traction, particularly when it comes to tentpole events, international sports brands, and longer-form content. For example, this year’s World Cup created more engagements on YouTube and Facebook than baseball, tennis, and golf combined, while views on Mexican sports media grew 40% on average in Q2. Plus, viewers on Facebook are starting to stick around for longer videos based on their favorite sports teams or events; videos lasting at least 10-15 minutes attracted 29% more views, as did clips over 20 minutes long! Clearly, sports are important to viewers around the world; are they a part of your video strategy yet?


Speaking of international growth in sports, we’ve discovered social video in general has a current taste for global fare. One of the top takeaways from our Q3 SOOV report was that international creators were responsible for the fastest-growing verticals in quarter two of this year. Like the Mexican sports media stat noted above, other genres grew around the world, thanks to viewership from international audiences. For example, family and parenting brands from global creators grew their views by 31%, while food brands jumped 26% in views. Going global is obviously in the best interest of your brand, whether that’s by partnering with an international creator on some original content or partnering with a company in another country to drive views and engagement on your social video.


Finally, we come to the verticalization of content, which is proving to be one of the biggest strategies occurring in social video right now. Essentially,l brands around the world are creating new channels or sub-properties in white spaces and niches where they previously had no presence. The news and politics genre on Facebook, for example, saw an increase in views on positive, uplifting stories and channels in Q2 2018, which proves the micro-verticalization of content is working for those brands experimenting with the strategy. Video content strategists should also take note that our SOOV report found the DIY/home and science/tech genres are gaining viewership across social platforms, but have very little publisher saturation or new video uploads. Do you smell opportunity yet? We hope so!

Download the New Q3 2018 State of Online Video Report Today! Get All the Latest Video Insights and Trends


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