Throwback Thursday: The First Ten Videos Posted To YouTube

Throwback Thursday: The First Ten Videos Posted To YouTube

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YouTube is 3,078 days old today, that’s equal to 8 years, 5 months, and 3 days to be precise. Who knew that the little site launched back in April 2005 would be the pop culture giant that it is today. With 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, the site now gets 1 billion unique visitors per month who watch 6 billion hours worth of video, 25% on their mobile devices. But we all have to start somewhere right? So let’s take a look at the first 10 videos uploaded to YouTube that are actually still active. Remember, these were the days before HD video so don’t expect stunning quality….

1. Me at the zoo – jawed / Uploaded on Apr 23, 2005 – 12,271,073 Views

This was the very, very first video uploaded to YouTube at 8:27pm on Saturday April 23rd, 2005, by Jawed Karim, co-founder of the fledgling site.

2. My Snowboarding Skillz – mw / Uploaded on Apr 23, 2005 – 133,572 Views

There’s no description on this one but the title is pretty self explanatory, if ironic.

3/4/5/6. We will never get to see the sublime content I’m sure videos 3 to 6 contained as they are now unavailable to the viewing public. YouTube are sorry about that though.

video not available

 7 Badass Snowboarding – ilias / Uploaded on Apr 24, 2005 – 37,636 Views

Another day, another snowboarding video. This time we do have a description with Ilias informing us that he’s the one doing the ‘Japan Air’ while his buddies Michael do the ‘180’ and Jake attempts the ‘Flying Squirrel’. Of course.

8. Tribute – gp / Uploaded on Apr 24, 2005 – 38,191 Views

Again, no description on this one so we’ll never know what this man was up to. I’m a bit scared by him, I’ll be honest with you.

9. Premature Baldness – paul / Uploaded April 28th, 2005 – 19,498 views

Man gets his hair cut in public, looks 100% worse.

10. Wait, you forgot to close the taxi door – hitofushi

Has been made private. Sounded fascinating too.

private youtube video

 11.  Carrie rides a truck – jones4carrie / Uploaded on Apr 30, 2005 – 15,619 Views

Carrie is riding a tiny truck, silently. Looks thrilled about it.

12. Carrie chokes the chicken – jones4carrie / Uploaded on April 30th 2005 – 17,337 Views

And here she is again, doing something hilarious with a rubber chicken.

13. Tiger Remixed – hurlex

It was probably rubbish anyway, amirite?

video not available

14. Cybergoon squad – greg / Uploaded on May 1 2005 – 31,396 Views

WT actual F?

15. Vernal Lullaby – Adam Quirk/Bullemhead / Uploaded May 2nd 2005 – 13,511 Views 

A day in the life of a someone with a video camera set to the soundtrack of one of QOTSA less shouty tracks. I bet Bullemhead was an art student.

And finally, here’s the YouTube login page from April 2005. How quaint.

youtube login 2005


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