New Features Help Manage Global Online Video Campaigns with Multiple Teams in TubeMogul OneLoad

New Features Help Manage Global Online Video Campaigns with Multiple Teams in TubeMogul OneLoad

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In Star Trek, on the Enterprise, you generally have a bridge full of officers, each with their own particular field of expertise and list of responsibilities. Not surprisingly, enterprise-level business is much the same way, with the board room and executive levels being much like the bridge of the enterprise (ha a Star Trek pun!). However, when your bridge officers are spread around the world, it gets a bit more complicated trying to manage all the work and make sure everything goes smoothly. TubeMogul has realized this and is now offering OneLoad users a whole new feature that will help solve those issues.

What is OneLoad?

In a nutshell, it’s an end-to-end video management solution that allows for hosting, distributing and tracking of the entire online video presence for a brand or multiple brands. Their very Beatles-esque image below tells you the full story:

With TubeMogul OneLoad, an enterprise can now create a single, managing account, but then give creative teams the ability to create accounts and collaborate on their specific projects and campaigns. The single managing account will then have full publishing control so nothing gets distributed outside of the schedule. Plus, they can limit what channels other accounts can publish to so that there’s no accidental cross-over or distribution snafus.

Aimed at Enterprise platform users, like major global brands that manage multiple international teams in varying geographical locations, the new features will simplify that overall management.

With multiple logins being tied to a single OneLoad account, it means teams can be organized by campaign or project to foster collaboration and expedite workflow items.

Here’s how it works:

  • Profiles: Admins can restrict video distribution channels by only allowing just a specific YouTube channel and Facebook page, etc for a single login or a team.
  • Campaigns: Can also be grouped and restricted by particular campaigns for example a UK-based campaign could only be accessed by team members assigned to the UK team and they could only publish to the UK channels or outlets.

The New Trend

This is a trend that’s gaining speed in the industry. TubeMogul isn’t the only company offering a finer grain control over a global online video presence and I bet a lot more of this type of announcement show up soon.

It makes sense that, as larger and larger brands begin expanding to larger and larger online video campaigns and projects, so too do the tools they need to make sure that it runs as smoothly as possible. Bravo TubeMogul, as I know this was a feature that many high-level users were requesting. It’s definitely going to trigger a lot of other online video services to offer something similar if they don’t already.


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