How to Change Your YouTube Channel’s Main Featured Video [Creator’s Tip #36]

How to Change Your YouTube Channel’s Main Featured Video [Creator’s Tip #36]

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Last week, we offered up two Creator’s Tips videos that answer some common questions we’ve gotten from you and both tips have to do with the new YouTube channel design.

1) How do I change the featured video on my YouTube channel?

Go to the edit button. When you click on it, it gives you options between different playlists you have. You can check to always show recent video or uncheck that and choose the video you would prefer to have on your homepage.

There are also additional options in this section such as preventing ads from playing. While always having the most recent uploaded video on your site is easy, it’s not always the best option. It’s a good idea to have whatever your best content is as the first thing new viewers see from you. Alternatively having a quick video about what your channel is about is another option to display as the first video.

2) How do I send a private message to someone on YouTube?

On the channel you wish to send a message to, scroll down to where it says the person’s user name or channel name and click the down arrow. This will pop open a compose box where you can write your message and send it.

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Video #1 – changing your featured video

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of Creator’s Tip where every week here at ReelSEO we just want to help you guys who are
making online video content know how to make that stuff stand out the best. And today we’re doing something a little bit different cause some of you
guys have been asking a lot of questions pretty regularly on past videos we’ve done and I just want to take a second this week just to answer two of
the main questions I see just reoccurring over and over and over again. And they both revolve around the channel design.

The first one we’re going to look at it is Tim, how do I change which video is featured on the home page of my channel design. And I’ll show you guys
what ours looks like right here, and it’s actually really simple. All you do is just come over here, you see this edit button? You just click it and
then it gives you options between different playlists that you have or you can select – if you uncheck this for recent videos, to show the recent video
instead, just pick whichever one you want and you have some options down here to prevent ads or to automatically start playing or you just remove it
completely right here. And we just have ours set to do our latest upload videos.

Whether you guys do that or not is something you will have to decide. Usually, generally we recommend you showcase your best content there so when
someone new comes to your channel and wants to know what you are all about that they’re seeing some of your best stuff. Or even a video that welcomes
them to your channel and explains what you’re about. What people can expect from your content that’s coming up if they subscribe and things. So I
don’t always recommend you just put your latest video there. Some people do it but, we’re doing that currently, but usually I recommend that you
showcase something else there.

So those of you who are looking for that I know that little edit button there can be hard to – or easy to miss, but there you go. And hope that helps.

The second question that you guys asked is how do I send a private message to someone? That functionality seems to be gone or missing, and we’re going
to address that in the next video.

Video #2 – How to private message on YouTube

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of Creator’s Tip where every week we just help you guys who are creating online video
content learn how to make that stuff just stand out the best here on the web. And today we are doing a couple videos. Just answering some really
common questions that you guys ask pretty frequently actually on comments on our previous videos and we already answered the question how do I change
the featured video or featured playlist on the homepage of my channel on YouTube and that’s an annotation around here somewhere so you can just go
click on that and go check it out.

The other question we get asked pretty commonly is Tim, what happened to the messaging system here on YouTube? How do I send a private message to
someone here? And that’s a really good question. Let me show you. It’s still here, it’s pretty hidden though and so it’s easy for a lot of people to
miss it.

Basically though I am logged in as you can see under the ReelSEO YouTube channel and I am looking at my personal blog channel and really if you want to
go message someone you just come down here where it says the person’s user name, channel name, you click this down arrow right here and this is where
you then can send a message to someone and that will open up a compose box where you can send it.

So I know that’s really easy to miss if you’re not looking carefully for it. Even if you are looking carefully it’s kind of hidden. So that is how
you send a private message to someone on YouTube from their channel page. Hope that’s helpful to some of you guys who are trying to figure out how to
do that.

If this is your first time hanging out with us here at ReelSEO we’d love for you to subscribe and join us. We do videos like this for you guys every
single week. We also look at news and things like that too from the online video world. So please consider subscribing and comment below if you have
any other questions you would like us to address on some other upcoming videos. We’d love to help you guys out the best we can and I will see you all
again next time for more Creator’s Tip videos. Bye.


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