Food and News Dominate Facebook Video Views in December 2015

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There were over 8.3 million native videos uploaded directly to Facebook in December 2015, generating over 179 billion views for around 1.6 million different creators. And food related video content really scored some huge views, the with top publishers going all out to upload recipes, walk-throughs and inspirational ideas for the festive season and beyond.

5 of the top 10 most watched video creators on Facebook last month produce content around food, and between them they generated 2.7 billion views on the world’s biggest social networking site. But viewers also had an appetite for news and current affairs, with news sites the second and third most watched. The ‘Most Watched Creators on Facebook’ leaderboard gives an exclusive look into the brands who are generating the most native video views on the social video platform. Let’s take a deeper dive into the numbers.

December 2015: Food Content Wins on Facebook

Five out of the top ten most watched video creators on Facebook for December 2015 uploaded content about food and drink – making it one of the most watched categories on the site. As with previous months, BuzzFeed topped the chart with its ‘Tasty’ channel, but also appears in fourth place with its ‘BuzzFeed Food’ page. The publishing giant also makes the chart with its ‘BuzzFeed Video’, and ‘SOML’ Facebook channels although they feature a much wider range of content. There’s no denying that BuzzFeed and food are a winning recipe, as 26 out of the 30 most-watched videos under the BuzzFeed brand uploaded to Facebook last month were food related. Food and drink is one of the most engaged topics that BuzzFeed creates video content around.

With a combined 1.5 billion video views on Facebook last month, BuzzFeed Tasty, and BuzzFeed Food, are not only consistently generating massive views and engagement each month, between them, they attracted 6 million new followers on the site in December alone. The most viewed video for Tasty was this walkthrough recipe for ‘Baked Garlic Parmesan Potato Wedges‘ which generated 87.5 million views, and an incredible 2.8 million engagements. BuzzFeed Food’s most popular Facebook video was ‘Waffle 4-Ways‘ which generated 82.2 million views, and an impressive 3 million engagements.

Top Facebook Video Views & Creators December 2015

Top 10 Facebook Creators December 2015
Top 10 Most Watched Facebook Video Creators December 2015 (Data via Tubular) Rankings include only those creators and brands which publish primarily original content.

Viewers Turn to Facebook for News

News content does incredibly well on Facebook, as users turn to social media to get the latest updates on current affairs, and breaking events. At #2 and#3 in the rankings for the most watched video creators on Facebook in December, we have two news sites, all generating views in the millions for both their current affairs content, and also for native uploads that bring a little light relief from all of the bad news.

In the #2 spot is NowThisNews – a brand that calls itself “mobile news for a social generation”. Active across Instagram, and YouTube as well as Facebook, the organisation generated 601M views in December, and attracted another 871K likes for its page. Although it uploaded footage featuring exploding hoverboards, the US Election race, and animals overcoming a range of difficulties, it was this review of the year in science and technology was its most viewed with 112 million views and 1.7 million engagements.

With the news that Al Jazeera is shutting down its America wing due to an ‘unworkable business model’, the organisation is finding enormous success with its Facebook channel. Its page not only generated 592M video views in December, but its upload showing a barber cutting hair with a sword generated the most views of ANY video watched across the main social video channels last month with 182 million views, and 3.5 million viewer engagements. 

Facebook Video and Original Content

Tubular’s most watched Facebook video creators leaderboard is a curated list of brands and organisations who upload video content that is mostly original. However, we are aware that aggregators of video on Facebook are producing the kind of views and engagement that even the top branded pages can only dream of. Freebooting issues aside, Facebook accounts from So Flo Antonio, Pho, and others generate video views in the hundreds of millions each month. The top 10 Facebook compilation accounts generated a staggering 8 billion views in December 2015, compared to 4.8 billion for branded/top original creator views. Compilation pages on Facebook are a true phenomenon, and we take a deeper look into why in this article.

Most-Watched: Top Facebook Video Creators December 2015

  1. Tasty (BuzzFeed) (1B Views)
  2. Now This News (601M Views)
  3. AJ+ (592M Views)
  4. Buzzfeed Food (495M Views)
  5. Tip Hero (472M Views)
  6. Tastemade (436M Views)
  7. Buzzfeed Video (337M Views)
  8. Tastemade Brasil (334M Views)
  9. SOML (BuzzFeed) (255M Views)
  10. Ellen (255M Views)

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