Facebook Starts 2015 With New Features to Rival YouTube

Facebook Starts 2015 With New Features to Rival YouTube

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With Facebook now accounting for 60% of all global video shares, and direct video uploads overtaking YouTube shares on the social network for the first time, 2015 really is the year that brands need to sit up and take notice of Facebook video and the power it currently holds. While YouTube remains the top video site in the world, its links and embeds are attracting increasingly less engagement on Facebook than native video uploads, a trend that many brands have picked up on as part of their digital marketing strategies.

Now the site is launching yet another upgrade aimed at making the video playback experience as smooth as possible, for users and publishers alike. Facebook has rolled-out YouTube-like playlists, and also given branded pages the option to highlight a featured video in an extra-large format, along with its comment feed. In a calculated move, the video must have been uploaded directly to Facebook – no YouTube or Vimeo embeds here please. All business pages will be eligible for the new design, and if owners decide not to implement the new features then the videos they post will still show up in chronological order, but the default setting will make view counts, likes, titles, and video length visible to all.

How to Set a Featured Video on Your Facebook Business Page

facebook video playlistsSetting up a featured video is a very easy process. Just navigate to the ‘Videos’ section of the page. Click on the link to see the new set-up. To add a featured video, click on the link to the right. Here, you can either select an existing video, or upload a new file in the ‘Add Video’ section. Alternatively, you can just click on the ‘Feature this Video’ button that now appears under each video.

The selected video will then appear as a larger thumbnail on your video page for as long as you want it to.

How to Create a Facebook Video Playlist

facebook video playlist featureAlongside the featured video, you can also set up a playlist of videos, just like you can on YouTube! This can be incredibly helpful if you create different types of videos, or have video for different products or services.

Click on the ‘Create Playlist’ button and give your new playlist a good title and description. Then click next and select the videos you want to feature in this playlist. It couldn’t be easier and is well worth making the effort to do to make things easier for your followers.

We’ll be optimizing the video section of the ReelSEO Facebook page over the next day or so to give you an idea of how these features work – come and take a look!


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